Monday, September 6, 2010

3 years old, and 2 years.

Today my Baby turned 3. Its been an emotional day. So many things. Its my blog so I will tell you want I want, and keep in what I want as well. I always have a hard time with Tara's birthdays. There are emotional to say the least. On top of all that, Jim is in Qatar again. He comes home again on Friday, but, then leaves again shortly after that. We as a family have decided for him to move there to Qatar for the next 2 years. We obviously have not come to that decision lightly, as my husband, my kids dad will be away for 2 years. We have talked a little of "us" moving there. There is A LOT to think about that. The main factor would be that if Cardiology does not give us the approval that it would not even be considered. The other factor is school. There is an American Private school there (and I hate to say this, but they would most likely receive a better education there....). but taking a Junior Higher out of school, and away from his friends for 2 years seems like it can't be a good thing...right? Also my family. My mom, sisters (their husbands), brother (his wife), My nephews, my nieces, my Tyler and Sarah (even though there are technically niece and nephew I think of them more as my kids, and I am fairly sure my sister will not give them up for the next 2 years...). Our house, our belongings, our dog (well, he would go right?), my car, Jim's car, our business here, our Church, our friends, the fact I have made a commitment to the Internship for the next 1 year. Like I said, its been an emotional day. So glimpse there you go. I need to stop crying now, because I am fairly sure this many tears could most likely fry my computer.
So baby Happy Birthday, you amaze and inspire me. I am honored and blessed every time you call me mommy, that God would choose me to be your mom, its a privilege.
Oh, and because I am already emotional, today also marks the day of Regional Center not providing any more services for her. So Miss Alicia, and Miss Nancy, thank you so much for taking the time to love on our baby. Its been such a delight to see her grow with us over these last 2 1/2 years.
Seriously I am a wreck....

Friday, September 3, 2010

2 year old ism's.

This will be fast as I have 5 under 5 here right now! :)
In the car with my younger 3 and Ty and Sarah (my niece and nephew) there was a conversation between the litle girls who are both 2 (and potty trained, thankyouverymuch...) it looked like this.
Tara: Sarah, I pootie (pootie is our word for ummm passing gas)
Sarah: *a moment later* Tara, I pootie too!
Tara: Sarah, I pootie again!!
both girls then laugh, and Sarah then gets a really trying to pootie look on her face...
Sarah: Tara...oops, I poop.

*have no fears, the poop did not actually come out, it just ummm shall I say, "took a peek"*