Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tara and her funk beats

So On Sunday night Tara went into an abnormal heart rythm. It started around midnight, and ended around 7 am...yes 7 hours. It was all over the place, from low lows, to high highs. We went to her cardiologist to find out what is going on. Right now, they are not sure. Her Echo looked a little worse than it did last time. But not significant. Right now they put her on a 24 hour event monitor to "capture" anything to see what is going on and how to best treat it. There is a lot of What ifs that we have going on. However knowing that we serve a God who already has her plans set out for her gives us peace.
We love you all and so appreciate your prayers. Pray speciafically that they can capture something on the event monitor in the next 24 hours. That way we know exactlly how to treat it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bloggy world

I like the blog world. You get to meet people. People that you would never have the opportunity to meet in real life, until you meet them in the blog world first. Sometimes you meet mama's that turn out to be the sweetest of friends. That like coffee as much as you, and that your kids get along so fabulously together, and those said children write stories at school about how they can't wait to get together with your bloggy mama friend. This is the case with my friend Ashley and our daughters Lexi and Tori.

This is also the case with my friend Catherine. Catherine happens to be an AMAZING photographer, so when I wanted to capture all the memories of Tara's 4th birthday, I could not dream of having anyone but Catherine come.
I like the bloggy world. Its fun.

pictures of kids

4 years ago today

4 years ago today my life was forever changed. 4 years ago today I was watching my daughter struggling to survive. 4 years ago today a comforting nurse told me to get my family to say goodbye to my daughter, my baby. 4 years ago today I handed my baby completely over to God. 4 years ago today started a journey I wish on no one. 4 years ago today I learned what Cardiomyopothy was. 4 Years ago today I learned to trust in God. 4 years ago today I went into battle. 4 years ago today my new normal started.

Today, I still struggle with the "what ifs". Today every "hello" is precious. Today when she calls me mama my heart beams with pride. Today she makes me laugh. Today, I look in her eyes, and can't help but see Gods hand. Today I see her play. Today I see her with her peers. Today she reminds me of my battle I went through. Today I know that she is worth it.

Today and every day I get on my knees and thank God for choosing me to be her mom. Its an honor and a privilege.