Sunday, December 27, 2009

What does Christmas with 4 kids look like?

A bit of a blurr....
and....A LOT OF FUN!!!!
Hope you all had an amaizing day celebrating our Saviors birth!

Tori's birthday party

Look who is 5!! tori decorating her cupcake at home after a very busy day!
She had an amazing time with even more amazing friends at the american girl cafe.
but of course couldn't start the day with out getting all of the girls hair done at my favorite salan in San Dimas Platform.
I had just as much fun that day as Tori did!! We started the day at the salon with donuts and OJ, with all of the "little" girls getting their hair done. (Tori, Mia, Mikayla, Lexi) from lt to rt. then we continued on our journey to the American girl store, where we all had lunch together (yumm food), Lexi's mom Ashley joined us (, and Mikaylas mom Kelly joined us, as well as our friend Amoreena (who was so excited for an excuse to go the the American girl store!)
We had an amazing time with friends, and it was a day Tori will always remember, then closed the evening out with dinner at our house with friends and family decorating cupcakes, and eating Tori's favorite yummy spaghetti. Thanks for all that was involved in making her day super special, we love you all!

Special bond

I have always seen that Tara and Mac have had a special little bond going on, but not until recentlly was this moment cought on picture. Sound asleep together.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tori's first date

My sassy little girl had her very first date tonight. She knew how to do it!! She got her hair done, her makeup done, and her nails done. She got her prettiest dress pressed, and she was ready. (she even wore perfum to smell good). She looked like the princess she is, and she knew it!!
Her date came to the door with a beautiful bouquet filled with pink carnations with a single red rose in the middle. *she decided to take those on the date with her*
There was dinner, and dancing, plus lots of coloring. Infact her date even brought home a picture that her drew for her. She also came home with a new necklace. He treated her like a princess, I think he set a standard. She is upstairs in bed with him right now, she just couldn't get enough of him.

everything had to be perfect. I believe she might have this "diva" thing down I can't get enough of this girl!She is just so beautiful A tear was in my eye when she was getting ready to leave. I guess This is a pretty good guy to go on your first date with!
We love you Tori. Please take tonights date as a standard. You are a princess, and deserve to be treated like one. Just know, when its with anyone else, you dont get to take him to bed with you!

This is why.

This is why when people who dont know Tara very well see her sleeping, they freak...A little blue/pale.
We love her!