Sunday, August 19, 2012


As I type that, I still can't believe it. Yup, my baby who was not going to make it thru the night is going to kindergarten....tomorrow. These past few months have been LOTS of preparation for the school, and for her. Its a weird feeling to "teach" the ones you are leaving your children with how to potentially save your child's life. When we started this process in May, the school did not have an AED on sight, in fact, the school Principal was not even totally sure what one was. I have to say though, the school itself has been amazing, getting all of their teachers and staff up to date on their CPR Cards, going thru drills of "what to do when" scenarios. We have had meetings, after meetings, after tears, then more meetings. As of Friday we are officially signed off by all her doctors, and the school. No turning back now. She is officially a kindergartner. She is super excited, sporting a new hair-do, and new back pack. Mom and dad are of course worried about what lays ahead of us. Germs, germs and more germs I assume. I have no doubt she will thrive as she always does. This girl amazes me. What an honor to be her mom. Now with all my new found time think I will have time to pick up blogging again?