Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Blogable

Tonight at church we had a special Women's Bible Study. It normally meets on Thursday mornings, but tonight they had a special one for the women who are not able to make it on Thursday morning. I went. I of course loved it, Pastor Sherry always knows how to bring it...tonight was no exception...it was broughten! :)
After church I needed to get gas. I don't always like to get gas at night, but I had 3 miles to empty. Church is 20 miles from home. It was either get gas, or get stuck. I choose the first one. While there I see Eric. Eric is a VERY young (maybe late 20's) homeless man that frequents our church. I see him often, on Sunday I saw my friend (and hair stylist) Elsa cutting his hair. She is sweet like that. Tonight Eric went up to the lady at the window at the gas station and asked for something. I am not sure what, but when I saw him there I hurried over to him and we had a conversation. It went like this:
Me: Hi Eric, I will get you what ever you want.
Eric to the cashier: Can I have a soda and chips?
Cashier: what kind (she was a little pissy, but what ever)
Eric: Pepsi and Cheetos please.
cashier goes to get items
Me: I am Kathie by the way from the church.
Eric shakes my hand and nods his head. There is then this long awkward pause...
Eric: I knew you were from the church.
Me: Oh, did you recognize me from there?
Eric: No, its just people from the church always give to me, I never need to ask.
at this point tears were being held back. I gave that awkward silence now...I could barely speak.
Me: well, Eric I want you to know that we all love you, and pray for you, and if you ever need anything we are always here for you.
Eric: I know.
Me: Do you want anything else? Maybe a sandwich for tomorrow?
Eric: yeah, can I have beef? (said to the cashier as she was back now)
Cashier: I have turkey or chicken
Eric: chicken is good
The cashier then gives Eric his sandwich chips and his drink.
Eric: thank you
Me: anytime. I will see you soon, we are there tomorrow night again. Let me see if I have any cash for you in case I don't see you then.
Eric: OK.
we walk to my car which is done pumping gas by now, I open up my change drawer and give him everything I have...maybe $7.
Eric: Thanks, see you soon.
he walks away, I then tend to my car. Pull out the nozzle, put it back on the pump etc. The cashier then comes out of her "area" to have a cigarette break, and offers me one. I decline, but thank her. She then "fingers" me over to her. I walk over, and we have a conversation. Its went like this:
Cashier: so whats his deal? He just looks so young.
Me: I am not sure, I see him often at my church, he is very sweet.
Cashier: Do you know anything about him?
Me: Nope, but its not my job to know.
Cashier: so what is your job?
Me: I am just a mom. But as a Christian my job is to love him, pray for him, and care for him anyway I can.
Cashier: so you don't get paid to do this?
Me: No, I do it because I care.
Cashier: hmmm, interesting.
Cashier: well, have a good day. Are you sure you don't want one to take with you? (as she lifts up her cigarette box)
Me: no thanks for the offer though, have a good night.
Cashier: you too.
I left there, almost unable to speak. So many things about that night. I cried nearly the entire way home.
I love blogable moments. but even more, I love that God ordains conversations thru our daily lives.

Its on...Lets fight.

I have always been a bit of a feisty girl. I am the first one to stand up for what I believe in, have no problems arguing when I know I am right (and even when I don't know I am right...I am working on it). Many-O times I have found myself thinking "I could take him, its on". While in High School and College I played Water Polo. Its not a sport for the faint of heart. Nor for the weak. If you don't feel like being punched, grabbed, kicked, scratched, bloodied, bruised, being held under water for what feels like an eternity, I don't recommend playing. As, besides those things mentioned above what consists of the game, is you doing it back to people. There is a saying "What ever the ref does not see, didn't happen" well, just FYI the Ref can only see you from your neck up. There is a lot that goes on under water. A lot. So while at church on Sunday listening to a rockin' message by our incredible Pastor, I found myself wondering from the scripture he was reading. My heart strings were pulled by 2 verses, so I am compelled to share. I will get to it...just not yet.
So even though I find myself thinking I am the feisty girl mentioned above, why is it when Satan attacks instead of saying "its on...Lets fight" I give in, or give up? It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it was on my heart and mind this week. Sometimes I feel like, "Its to much work to fight. He can have this one, but I am totally going to win the next one". I shouldn't do that. I have the ability to fight and win each and every time. He has given me that power. I don't even have to do it alone...He will fight next to me. Not only fight next to me, but even though in a few punches along the way when I get tired. I do have to ask for His help...and have the tools, but lets face it, that a heck of a lot easier then just letting him "OK, you got this one, but I am totally going to win the next one". A while back I read a book called "Prayer is Invading the Impossible" by Jack Hayford. The first chapter changed my life. Let me just give you a few things from the book "Prayer can change anything. The impossible doesn't exist. His is the power; ours is the prayer. Without Him, we cannot. Without us, He will not." "Prayer is not the mystical experience of a few special people, but an aggressive act in the face of impossibility-and act that may be performed by anyone who accepts the challenge of learning to pray." Prayer gives us the tool to fight and win...each and every time. Let me, help you God says...but you have to be willing to ask Him to help you. Sometimes I feel very lacking in this part. So many times through out my day I feel over whelmed, out numbered, and out witted. Its doesn't have to be this way. "The impossible faces us all. It storms, fumes, looms before us, stalks our days, presses upon our minds, bends our plans, stands formidably across our future, pierces our present, reaches out from our past. But there is a way to face the impossibility. Invade it!!! Not with a glib speech of high hopes. Not in anger. Not with resignation. Not through stoical self-control. But with violence. Any prayer provides the vehicle for this kind of violence." I like this...no, I love this. I love to mix a little bit of violence to my daily life! :) Remember the scriptures that I loved from Sunday...I think now is the perfect time to bring those up. The first one is Nehemiah 4:14b "Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, and your daughters, your wives (or husband for me...) and your homes. " that's right, the bible tells me to fight for them! My husband, my daughters, my sons, my home. They are mine, and I need to protect to protect them, and prayer provides me the tool to fight with violence. Don't get me wrong if push came to shove, fists would be flying, but be rest assured, when fists where flying I would be in prayer. The other verse Nehemiah 4:9 "But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat." This verse is HUGE!!! Do you even realize how huge this verse is? When this was written the wall of Jerusalem was only half way up. They were working on it, but at only half way up, half of their city was only protected. For me, half of my family would be protected. 2 kids out of my 4 would have protection. It would not be something I would take likely. How would I handle it I would pray to my God, and post guard day and night to meet this threat. It goes on to say in Nehemiah that (4:17) "Those who carried materials did their work with one hand, and help a weapon in the other". How often do I go into battle un-prepared. Often, why? Because a thief comes in the night to steal, kill and destroy. He does not knock at my door while I am doing my quiet time with the Lord, as I answer he does not ask "is now a good time, or would you like me to come back later when you are more prepared?" No, he comes when I least expect it. He comes when things are crumbling around me, when life has got me down, and I feel un-prepared. This is when my past comes into play. No, not my glory Water Polo days where I learned to bite, push, bruise, kick, and scratch. But rather my past when I was preparing for battle. My spiritual past comes into play. My spiritual past when I prepared, I read His word, I meditated on His word, and I prayed. So when it came time to fight, I was ready. Ready with violence. Ready to win. This is why I choose to daily prepare. I choose to daily read His word, meditate, and pray. I choose that everyday when I do these that if the "thief came in tonight, to steal, kill or destroy"(John 10:10) I am ready, I am ready to fight, ready to win, ready with violence to take him on. While playing Water Polo our coach never would send us into a tournament un-prepared. No, rather we practiced, we ran drills, we worked, we studied plays, we studied Water Polo matches on TV, we slept, breathed, and ate Water Polo. Our coach gave us the tools we needed to fight, and to win. God does the same thing. Our coach never made us do it. But rather gave us the tools, and the desire to win, we did the rest. We fought. We fought to win. Win with violence. He has given me the tool to fight, and win. Not only that, but he gave me the desire to win. Win with violence. So today, I say "I am in it to win it. Its on...Lets fight". I am ready. Ready to win, and ready to fight with violence.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ear Saga

So, Monday was a CRAZY busy day!! But...Crazy rockin' too! I expected to spend WAY to much money that day on things that I really didn't want to spend money on...mama needs a new pair of shoes, and I was convinced after Jim saw the bills from that day, I would be able to get a new pair in the year 2020.
9 am was our ENT visit. Since the ER tryed to hard to get out the bee bee, and mentioned most likely surgary...I half expected it. Well, ENT looks, brought up surgary, asking if he has ever had any, and said "well, I will try to flush it out with the high power flusher". IT WORKED! I am now I am the (not so proud) owner of a green bee bee. I may keep it and shove it in his 12 year olds ear one day...you know, just for fun. So, that ment no surgary, and no 30% co-pay for surgary. Total bill for that day...$35. NICE~
11 am Dentist appointment. for me, and all 4 kids. Yes, I am crazy like that. Last time Elijah and I went to the dentist (we have no dental insurance) we walked out of there spending $2137. 00 (I just found the old bill). YIKES... Not to mention the fact that I was going to be adding 3 more kids to that bill. I was scared. So filled out all the new forms etc. Got Taras cardiologys office to fax a note to dentist (with a note from Cardiology saying "don't make my baby bleed" how much do I love him, and love the fact that he loves my baby, and takes a little ownership in her) So, turns out Tara does need to be pre-medicated for any dental visit, so all the dentist did was look in her mouth and thought it all looked good. ~no charge for that, bonus~ Tori and Jakes mouth looked good, no cavaties :) and they both did GREAT for X-Rays etc. Elijah did have 2 cavaties...but they were on baby teeth that should be falling out VERY soon, so no fillings ~bonus~ mama had no cavaties either ~bonus~ So we cleaned, we polished we flouride rinsed and painted, we left!! Total bill $432 NICE~

As a treat after the well behaved dentist appointment we went to Grazianos for pizza after. Its a fun little pizza place with a few games, plus yumm food. (think Chuck E cheese, but with REALLY good food, and 1/16 of the games, plus barely any kids for lunch (we infact were the only ones in there ~bonus~ no germs and I did not look like a freak when I lysoled ummm everything) They had a little "family pack" with a Large Pizza, 4 drinks and a salad, plus 20 tockens for $20!! Total for lunch for all 6 of us $25 NICE~ ( I tipped $5)

We then started our trip home...Tara was cranky, and I went to grap her Pee night night (yes, I know, weird name, bu thats what she calls it, funny story, but she peed thru her diaper awhile back, and got pee on her night night, so when it was in the wash, and she wanted it I told her "no baby, it needs to wash your night night has pee on it" So when it was done in the dryer she took it out smelled it, rubbed it a bit, and said happily "my pee night night" it stuck...so she still calls it pee night night.) anyways, could not find the pee night night. Lost!! AAAH. I was freaking out, went back to Grazianos, not there...found it at the dentist fortunatlly, so got it back. Close call, to much of a close call, so we made a stop at Walmart on the way home and purchased another one. Well, it needs to be puked on, peed on, spit up on, and washed a gazillion times, but we found another...on clearance...$8 NICE~

So all in all, good day, and spend much less! NICE~
Bee bee out...total cost
$35 ped. copay
$100 ER visit
$154 Ear drops (not covered by insurance)
$35 ENT specialist
Total $324

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I am convinced I need a seperate "label" for hospitals.

So, last week when Tara was admitted, I realized that I did not have a "label" for just hospitals. I had one for Parks and Hospitals (funny, not sure what that was all about, but I will need to re-read that when I am not exhausted). So as of today, I will make a new label...for just hospitals. Why not...Tara after all has had LOTS of hospital trips. We also LOVE Huntington, so I might want to say something about them...I would label those "hospital". Tonight's post. I will label hospital... Why, because I spend the better part of today in the hospital.
Now, onto the story....or the saga, as life continues, and I swear my life will be on an ABC comedy show at some point.
So today around 1ish pm. As I am dealing with a sick little boy again (Jake, just can't seem to kick the virus Tara had), Elijah comes down from his room when he was "cleaning"...and we had a conversation that looked like this...:
Elijah: "hey mom, there were some bee bees in my bed last night, and I think one went into my ear."
Mean mom: "bee bees don't just go into your ear when you are sleeping, is there something else that you need to tell me?"
Elijah: "geesh mom, why don't you EVER believe me when I tell you something" (said with a total attitude, as he is 12 and knows EVERYTHING already, you know, fyi just in case you didn't know)
Mean Mom: "well, if there is something you would need to tell me, I would prefer you tell me now before I find out later".
Elijah: "mom, I told you I think it just went in there when I was sleeping"
think is now the key word that I hear, as I have heard this "saying" before when he was lying...
Mean Mom: "Elijah, I just want to remind you what happened to liars in bible times, and honey if I find out you are lying, I will not be opposed to those types of punishments."
as we walk over to my bible, as I am not totally sure what happened to liars, but I am going to find out!! (which is also why I labeled myself mean mom...)
Elijah: "fine, I stuck a bee bee in my ear"
Mean Mom: WHAT!!!
Elijah: "well, I thought I could get it out, but when I stuck my finger in my ear to get it out, I couldn't grab it."
Mean Mom: "let me see"
as we walk over to the kitchen to get my flashlight...and I see sure enough, a small green bee bee...shoved into his ear.
Mean Mom: "yes, there is a bee bee in there, call your Dad"
as at this point, I went to go to the bathroom...to wonder, and talk about my sons stupidity with God, myself, and the spider I found in the tub. Probably not the brightest move, but it worked.
So I talked to Jim. Told him how far it was shoved in there, and let him know I would be taking Elijah into the Doctors when they opened back up again at 2.
Mean Mom: "Elijah, were are going into the doctors, we are leaving in half an hour, DO NOT touch your ear. Leave it alone. The doctor will see if they can get it out. Put your hands on your head and leave them there."
Elijah: "GEEZ, I don't know why you need to treat me like a baby"
again, the spider and I had a chat....
when I was finished chatting with the spider I came out of the bathroom to find Elijah's finger IN his ear with his sister "holding" his ear out.
Mean Mom: "ELIJAH does DO NOT touch your ear mean anything to you?
Elijah: "I am not touching my ear, Tori is touching my ear, I am touching the bee bee".
I believe this is when my mind went crazy and I starting thinking of all of those stories of children being locked in basements, and me thinking how horrible those parents were, but me also wishing so desperately that at this exact moment, how I wish we had a basement.
Don't call CPS...we don't have a basement.
Needless to say, we left for the doctors early....
When they got there they looked at it. Said, "wow, that's impacted, he must have really shoved it in there" as he chuckled just a bit.
Mean Mom: "I know Kyle (there only child and 2) is cute and cuddly right now, but I just wanted to let you know, that in 10 years, this situation might not be as funny to you."
He then said "Ms. Carlson, you should get your PA (Physicians Assistant). It would save you a lot of money"
I agree...as I am fairly sure that my co-pays alone pretty much keep those office doors open. But alas, I am nice like that, (and don't have time to go to school) so I choose to clothe his child, and pay for his mortgage.
Dr: "well, do I even need to tell you whats next Ms. Carlson"
Mean Mom: "Huntington?"
Dr: "see, you should get your PA"
Mean Mom: "yup, can you also call and get a referral for an ENT just in case the ER can't get it out"
Dr: "when you get your PA I will hire you here"
Mean Mom: "no need to pay me, just give me back all my co-pays"
Dr: "well, I can't do that all upfront, might need to work here for a few years to earn them back"
$35 co-pay 4 kids...I might need to work there for life... :)
So off to Huntington...
They sent us to the "fast track" area. I was sooooo excited. I had heard of this "fast track" rumors I was convinced...or like a mirage, you see it, but can never get to it. Rumor has it, you can get in and our of the treatment area in 20 minutes...I was excited...So it was our turn, my mirage was coming true!
The nurse that Tara had last week saw me...she greeted me with a hug (thats not bad right?) she was really great last week...Vanessa. She then told the "fast track" doc..who is actually a PA (which I found funny) "treat them good, they are my friends".
so he came in the room with us...right away...no delay at all!! Looked in Elijah's ear, and said, "well, I hope I can flush it out, if not I will try to "pull" it out, and if all else fails I will suck it out".
Well, in short...He could not flush it out.
He could not pull it out.
All else failed, and he tried to suck it out.
as it turns out there was a 4th option he did not mention.
We left the ER fast track area...my mirage was gone. We were put into a "normal" room. Our 20 minutes were up. They called the ENT. Turns out she did not want to come out on a Friday night for a 12 year old with a bee bee in his ear.
We left the ER...about 2 hours after we left the fast track area.
We left the ER with a bee bee in Elijah's ear. His right ear.
We see the ENT Monday am at 9 am. I am not sure what she is going to do. There is talk about "anaesthesia" and "surgical". We got started on antibiotics today. For a few reasons. 1. not sure how clean that bee bee was... and 2. again with the talk of "surgery" and things. 3. there was a lot of other things "shoved" into his ear today... 4. the flushing most likely got water stuck behind the bee bee.
So, with the bee bee in there, he can't hear from his right ear...Great. Just another reason why he wont listen to me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home sweet home!

Gotta love those cardiac kids and there "no reserve". My husband said it best to the ER nurse. Tara's idea of a fun time is cough, sneeze, septic. (Tara has gone septic 3 times just in case you didn't know). (and no, she did not go septic this time, but there was some concern at first because of her raging fever and it not comming down with tylenol and advil)
So we are home, she is feeling much better. Ending up being viral meaning no antibiotics, and she is fever free. Thank you for all your kind words, and your prayers. They were felt! :)
I will blog more later. But for now, my house is calling!!