Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Blogable

Tonight at church we had a special Women's Bible Study. It normally meets on Thursday mornings, but tonight they had a special one for the women who are not able to make it on Thursday morning. I went. I of course loved it, Pastor Sherry always knows how to bring it...tonight was no exception...it was broughten! :)
After church I needed to get gas. I don't always like to get gas at night, but I had 3 miles to empty. Church is 20 miles from home. It was either get gas, or get stuck. I choose the first one. While there I see Eric. Eric is a VERY young (maybe late 20's) homeless man that frequents our church. I see him often, on Sunday I saw my friend (and hair stylist) Elsa cutting his hair. She is sweet like that. Tonight Eric went up to the lady at the window at the gas station and asked for something. I am not sure what, but when I saw him there I hurried over to him and we had a conversation. It went like this:
Me: Hi Eric, I will get you what ever you want.
Eric to the cashier: Can I have a soda and chips?
Cashier: what kind (she was a little pissy, but what ever)
Eric: Pepsi and Cheetos please.
cashier goes to get items
Me: I am Kathie by the way from the church.
Eric shakes my hand and nods his head. There is then this long awkward pause...
Eric: I knew you were from the church.
Me: Oh, did you recognize me from there?
Eric: No, its just people from the church always give to me, I never need to ask.
at this point tears were being held back. I gave that awkward silence now...I could barely speak.
Me: well, Eric I want you to know that we all love you, and pray for you, and if you ever need anything we are always here for you.
Eric: I know.
Me: Do you want anything else? Maybe a sandwich for tomorrow?
Eric: yeah, can I have beef? (said to the cashier as she was back now)
Cashier: I have turkey or chicken
Eric: chicken is good
The cashier then gives Eric his sandwich chips and his drink.
Eric: thank you
Me: anytime. I will see you soon, we are there tomorrow night again. Let me see if I have any cash for you in case I don't see you then.
Eric: OK.
we walk to my car which is done pumping gas by now, I open up my change drawer and give him everything I have...maybe $7.
Eric: Thanks, see you soon.
he walks away, I then tend to my car. Pull out the nozzle, put it back on the pump etc. The cashier then comes out of her "area" to have a cigarette break, and offers me one. I decline, but thank her. She then "fingers" me over to her. I walk over, and we have a conversation. Its went like this:
Cashier: so whats his deal? He just looks so young.
Me: I am not sure, I see him often at my church, he is very sweet.
Cashier: Do you know anything about him?
Me: Nope, but its not my job to know.
Cashier: so what is your job?
Me: I am just a mom. But as a Christian my job is to love him, pray for him, and care for him anyway I can.
Cashier: so you don't get paid to do this?
Me: No, I do it because I care.
Cashier: hmmm, interesting.
Cashier: well, have a good day. Are you sure you don't want one to take with you? (as she lifts up her cigarette box)
Me: no thanks for the offer though, have a good night.
Cashier: you too.
I left there, almost unable to speak. So many things about that night. I cried nearly the entire way home.
I love blogable moments. but even more, I love that God ordains conversations thru our daily lives.


  1. Kat - Love this post and you. I felt the same way about the Bible study and when I came out, I looked for Eric...I am glad that you found him. What a blessed moment you had with him. He certainly has encountered God through your heart and the heart of The Cause. The attendant encountered God as well. Thank you for "stepping up" for our Lord's Glory.

  2. Kat, congrats and good to you. This is Dawn from labelyourstuff.com and I was just getting back to you to let you know that we would be able to make a customized sticker or label for your daughter. Feel free to email me and we can talk about it!
    Dawn Goldwasser

  3. Wow. I have never read your blog before and just stumbled upon this. I'm very moved by this...