Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ear Saga

So, Monday was a CRAZY busy day!! But...Crazy rockin' too! I expected to spend WAY to much money that day on things that I really didn't want to spend money on...mama needs a new pair of shoes, and I was convinced after Jim saw the bills from that day, I would be able to get a new pair in the year 2020.
9 am was our ENT visit. Since the ER tryed to hard to get out the bee bee, and mentioned most likely surgary...I half expected it. Well, ENT looks, brought up surgary, asking if he has ever had any, and said "well, I will try to flush it out with the high power flusher". IT WORKED! I am now I am the (not so proud) owner of a green bee bee. I may keep it and shove it in his 12 year olds ear one day...you know, just for fun. So, that ment no surgary, and no 30% co-pay for surgary. Total bill for that day...$35. NICE~
11 am Dentist appointment. for me, and all 4 kids. Yes, I am crazy like that. Last time Elijah and I went to the dentist (we have no dental insurance) we walked out of there spending $2137. 00 (I just found the old bill). YIKES... Not to mention the fact that I was going to be adding 3 more kids to that bill. I was scared. So filled out all the new forms etc. Got Taras cardiologys office to fax a note to dentist (with a note from Cardiology saying "don't make my baby bleed" how much do I love him, and love the fact that he loves my baby, and takes a little ownership in her) So, turns out Tara does need to be pre-medicated for any dental visit, so all the dentist did was look in her mouth and thought it all looked good. ~no charge for that, bonus~ Tori and Jakes mouth looked good, no cavaties :) and they both did GREAT for X-Rays etc. Elijah did have 2 cavaties...but they were on baby teeth that should be falling out VERY soon, so no fillings ~bonus~ mama had no cavaties either ~bonus~ So we cleaned, we polished we flouride rinsed and painted, we left!! Total bill $432 NICE~

As a treat after the well behaved dentist appointment we went to Grazianos for pizza after. Its a fun little pizza place with a few games, plus yumm food. (think Chuck E cheese, but with REALLY good food, and 1/16 of the games, plus barely any kids for lunch (we infact were the only ones in there ~bonus~ no germs and I did not look like a freak when I lysoled ummm everything) They had a little "family pack" with a Large Pizza, 4 drinks and a salad, plus 20 tockens for $20!! Total for lunch for all 6 of us $25 NICE~ ( I tipped $5)

We then started our trip home...Tara was cranky, and I went to grap her Pee night night (yes, I know, weird name, bu thats what she calls it, funny story, but she peed thru her diaper awhile back, and got pee on her night night, so when it was in the wash, and she wanted it I told her "no baby, it needs to wash your night night has pee on it" So when it was done in the dryer she took it out smelled it, rubbed it a bit, and said happily "my pee night night" it stuck...so she still calls it pee night night.) anyways, could not find the pee night night. Lost!! AAAH. I was freaking out, went back to Grazianos, not there...found it at the dentist fortunatlly, so got it back. Close call, to much of a close call, so we made a stop at Walmart on the way home and purchased another one. Well, it needs to be puked on, peed on, spit up on, and washed a gazillion times, but we found another...on clearance...$8 NICE~

So all in all, good day, and spend much less! NICE~
Bee bee out...total cost
$35 ped. copay
$100 ER visit
$154 Ear drops (not covered by insurance)
$35 ENT specialist
Total $324

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