Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tori's birthday party

Look who is 5!! tori decorating her cupcake at home after a very busy day!
She had an amazing time with even more amazing friends at the american girl cafe.
but of course couldn't start the day with out getting all of the girls hair done at my favorite salan in San Dimas Platform.
I had just as much fun that day as Tori did!! We started the day at the salon with donuts and OJ, with all of the "little" girls getting their hair done. (Tori, Mia, Mikayla, Lexi) from lt to rt. then we continued on our journey to the American girl store, where we all had lunch together (yumm food), Lexi's mom Ashley joined us (, and Mikaylas mom Kelly joined us, as well as our friend Amoreena (who was so excited for an excuse to go the the American girl store!)
We had an amazing time with friends, and it was a day Tori will always remember, then closed the evening out with dinner at our house with friends and family decorating cupcakes, and eating Tori's favorite yummy spaghetti. Thanks for all that was involved in making her day super special, we love you all!

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