Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bloggy world

I like the blog world. You get to meet people. People that you would never have the opportunity to meet in real life, until you meet them in the blog world first. Sometimes you meet mama's that turn out to be the sweetest of friends. That like coffee as much as you, and that your kids get along so fabulously together, and those said children write stories at school about how they can't wait to get together with your bloggy mama friend. This is the case with my friend Ashley and our daughters Lexi and Tori.

This is also the case with my friend Catherine. Catherine happens to be an AMAZING photographer, so when I wanted to capture all the memories of Tara's 4th birthday, I could not dream of having anyone but Catherine come.
I like the bloggy world. Its fun.


  1. What a darling picture! The girls are so adorable. Catherine's photos amaze me. Love her talent. Lastly, I too thank the bloggy world for you. You have added so many smiles to my life. xo

  2. Oh.. thanks for the really lovely words. Warms my heart...I remember our first chat. I was in SM on Montana getting a coffee (I have a very good memory) and it was in the early days of the journey and we chatted for so long like we'd known each other a good while

  3. agree with terra and catherine! =)
    love you mama!

  4. bloggy world needs to become reality world again for us - coffee next week?? Love you friend xoxoxo