Friday, October 2, 2009

My "Really God" moment.

I know, so its not the best picture ever, but hopefully you get the message.

Last week, as I was hurrying trying to get my house ready for people to be staying for Jims cousins surgery, I poured some bleach into my toilet bowl, and was running around doing other things (like anwsering the door, taking care of children etc..) well Tara my big girl helper decided to get Mac some water...from the toilet bowl. Well in bringing the in his bowl to the TV room to give him a sip, needless to say she is only 2 and some fell. Remember the bleach in the water bit? I was mad. Not at her, but myself, and frankly God too. After all I was having some stress. You know just a bit. Well lets just name a few things.

1. bunches of people at my house (where I loved it, its not the same where I get to curl up with my hubby at night watch a bit of tv in my jammies, and not have a bra on til noon if I dont want.)

2. Elijahs brocken leg

3. did I mention I got a speeding ticket on the way to take Elijah to the hospital for his brocken leg?

4. Jims cousin in hospital with Cancer, with your mortality check into overdrive especially since he is the same age as us.

5. Tara and Jacob got sick with really high fevers, and because Tara is Tara, I was very worried we were going to end up in the hospital.

6. My mom was in Canada seeing my aunt and Nanny (it always helps to have my mama here when things happen)

6. just being a mom to 4 kids. homework, school, fights, clean up, laundry, etc. Life doesn't stop just becuase life goes into fast gear.

7. hubby is self employed....and I dont know if you have heard or not, but we are in an economic crisis. Just FYI for anyone who doesn't watch the new, turn on your TV, computer, or talk to anyone.

8. We are getting audited by the IRS next Tuesday. Somthing about charitable giving. I guess IRS doesn't tithe, or believe people who actually do....
9. Jim got admitted to the hopsital for chest pains.
So as you can see the carpet is just a thorn in my side. I mean really, its carpet, but still, its my carpet. Its not like we can afford to re-carpet or do what I really want to do, and put hard wood on my floors.
Well, last night as I was getting my house ready for the weekend (I dont like to clean on the weekend anyways, plus I am at my Womens advance all weekend) and I was vaccuming, I got that bitter feeling in my stomach again when I saw "the spot". Then as I sat down, still bitter I had the God moment. The moment where He speaks to you and says "really? I have saved your daughters life, I have saved you, I have made you a family, I have provided you with a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, I have kept your husband employeed and working where other contractors are literally dropping like flies. do you think I would do that to you? leave you with somthing with such a bad taste in your mouth?" so last night sitting there drinking my cup of tea before bed, I gave it to God. Yes, gave him my spot on the floor. If he can clean my heart, he can clean my spot.
Well this am after giving my spot to him, Jim got a few work calls for Really big projects comming up. Nothing is set it stone yet, but it was my confimation that I needed from God. Even the least of these are His. He loves me and takes care of everything I care about...even my carpet.

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