Monday, May 17, 2010

color coded kids.

I have read LOTS of organizational tips for having multiple kids. One of the main things that keeps coming up is color coding your kids. Like for when they are all in sports, just put the sport time on the calender marked in their "color". Everyone knows their color, so if they see something on the calender in their color, they need to be ready. Well, we are not there kids need to learn the date first. But keeping on that same theme, I like the idea. No fights over cups, no whining that one gets the blue cup when they got the orange could work. Well, I have started applying some of these ideas into my life...and I like it. The chore I hate the most, is folding laundry. I hate it. Its never done, and my love seat in my family room has a never ending pile waiting to be folded, or needing to be put away. So I have gotten each of the kids their own laundry basket. When its full, its their responsibility for them to bring it down to me (Tara needs help, but Tori and Jake can do it on their own (they are pretty small baskets). Yesterday was the first day it was brought down to me. Well, I washed the laundry (all 4 baskets fit into my washer at the same time), then folded it and put it into the appropriate basket for the child, pink for Tori, blue for Elijah etc. I like it. I think it really streamlines the process of putting it away. I think it also has great potential as the kids get older, and closer in size I can was their basket separate so I don't confuse whose is whose clothes. Now, I still don't like doing laundry, but I think I like this color coding thing. Hmm, maybe I should get Jim a laundry basket? Next step, markers in 4 different colors, and steps, baby steps.


  1. I like this idea...I too have a love seat constantly covered in laundry! :0)
    Did you see that I posted on our recent IEP meeting...I don't know if it helps you any! e-mail me if you have specific questions. :0)

  2. color coding is in my future i'm sure!