Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hitting a Wall

On Sunday when I was praying for a couple at church I had a very clear picture in my head, that I was able to relate to their situation, when I sit back now, I can so relate it to my situation as well. This is a picture of the Western Wall in Israel. Its the exterior wall (aka the Wailing Wall), to the Temple Mount. People go their with their requests to God. There is tiny little pieces of paper all over the place, where people actually write their requests on a piece of paper and put it inside of the cracks and crevices of the wall.
Sometimes we feel like we are on the outside. We come to the wall, where we give our requests to God, Sometimes we feel like the "wall" is just that though, a wall. We feel like we can't get in, We lean into the wall, we pray to the wall, we weep at the wall, we surrender all at the wall, but just can't get inside. However, then something shifts, whether it be a spiritual shift, or an emotional shift, then all of a sudden you are on the inside. We feel like we can finally make it past a through a situation. I have felt this so many times. So many times in my life, and in my prayer life I feel like I hit a wall. That I can't make it anymore, then the shift happens, and you do. You make it through, you are on the inside. The inside doesn't always look so pretty inside though. The beauty that you were waiting for just seems like a long empty hallway. Continue to press on, your beauty will come, God doesn't promise you any less.
I encourage you today if feel like you are at a "Wall" continue to press on, you will make it through, Eventually, your wall will open up to the beauty that is just on the other side.

Tour of the Inside of the Western Wall, that would open up to the beauty of the Temple.

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