Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok Lets get this thing going!!!

so with many days (and nights) of playing around with this I might (very big might) have this thing sort of figured out! Well, at least I have a picture on here!!!
We had a great day today, played on the slip and slide (even mom) ate PB&J sandwiches, and played in the little pool. I had some friends come over, and it was really a blast!
As for life, everyone is doing great. Elijah spent the last few weeks with Grandpa in Havasu, and came home down town brown, and with lots of exciting stories!
Tori and Jake have just been playing the summer away, and Tara is just being Tara!!!
big news here at the Carlson house is.....drum roll please.........TARA MOVED OUT OF OUR ROOM!!! Thats right you heard me, we finally moved Tara in to Toris room where she is suppost to be. She has had her crib there, with her name on the wall since she we moved in, but its been hard to get her out of our room. Its still tuff...The first night was HORRIBLE!!! She was really restless, and that hallway never seeemed so long until I had to walk down it 10 times between midnight and 3 am!!! Her monitor just kept going off with her being so restless. Not to mention the 6 am wake up call with her screaming Mama! Thats right, my room gets after noon sun, where Tori and Taras room gets morning sun. So with the help of some sheets on the windows the next night was a lot better! Thats my 9am wake up girl!! I have not been able to take her other crib out of my room yet, I think I might leave it in there for a bit, I would like to have it for when she gets sick.
I will (hopefully) leave you with some pictures from the last few weeks! (ok I think they are at the beginning, but you get the message!!


  1. Um, your missing a picture of one of your kids! You said four, unless you were implying Jim was included, and then it should be 5! Missing Elijah either way!

  2. Yaay!! You entered the blog world!! Be careful, you can loose yourself and much time. I love the blog and the great pics. Always thinking you guys. Big hugs, Terra