Friday, July 24, 2009

Water park!!!

So I took the 4 kids and my nephew to this really super cool water park by our house. Its totally free and the kids have a blast there!!! The added bonus about this place....FREEE LUNCH!! Thats right, they give free lunches to any kids who are there. The kids have a blast, keeps them cool in our 100 degree weather, and mom gets to sit back relax, and enjoy the kids!! (and not make lunches for 5 kids who I am sure would have made me be short order cook for lunch!!) Totally fun, totally cheap, totally worth it. Added bonus about today, had someone arrested....Yup, all in a days work for a mom!!! That story another day, as I dont want to bog you down with hey really fun day at the park, got someone arrested because they were a perve.....So onto the pictures!!! Jake is not a fan of sunscreen, so he pouts with his eyes closed for about 5 minutes before he realizes he could be playing!!!

Elijah lovin' on his sister! To cute!!

Tori will tell you she played all day at the water park going under the buckets, and splashing, reality is, she never got wet!! Way to pretty to mess up her hair!!!

They give a healthy free lunch to the kids, super yummy!! Tara loves her raisons!! look at her cute little ringlets too!!

The boys taking a break!! Nephew Levi, Jake, and Elijah
In other news, We are heading out to Las Vegas!! We leave tomorrow am, and I am super excited!! Plan on living it up Vegas style...or mommy style at least! I am going to a concert tomorrow night, then we will come home Sunday night. We plan on staying in the pool the entire time as I belive it might be 500 degrees there right now...they assure me its a dry heat, but I dont buy it!!! Plan on more pictures when I get home!! Love this new blog with pictures deal!!

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  1. It's too bad you couldn't come to the spray park while you were up here. Now that it's open, we've been there several times and the kids have a blast everytime. It's a whole dollar though (for kids 3 and up) and no free lunch.

    Malcolm was asking where his cousins were the other day. I think he misses the action.