Friday, November 13, 2009

Trying to play catch up!!

ok, I am bad, I know!! Its been 5 weeks since I had a new post! And yes, things have happened, and I did not share with my bloggy friends, or others.
Well, first things first, Jim and I went on a MUCH needed vacation!! Yes, just the 2 of us. We had a great time together going on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It was so nice to just be the 2 of us. Infact we were thinking about it, besides our honeymoon (which was just a 3 day Mexico cruise) we have never gone away for this long before by ourself where I was not pregnant or had a kid with us. It was such a fun time. We took lots of naps, (lots of naps....) ate lots of food, swam, shopped, and went on this really cool zip line adventure. Hopefully at some point I can put those pictures onto here, because seriouslly it was amazing! Right now I just can't find the disk...I will have other pictures later, but my photo skills were seriouslly lacking on vacation, as I think I took about 3 pictures....
Tara our little pricesss/pain in the butt was also admitted to the hospital a few days before we left for vacation. She had been running off and on fevers, and was just not getting any better, so she got admitted. Fortunatlly They found the source of infection right before (seriouslly like less then 24 hours) we left on vacation. It was really hard leaving her, but I knew she was in good hands with my sister.
The other munchkins lived it up here at the Carlson pad with Grandpa. They had a great time together, and I am not sure who enjoyed it more, grandpa or the kids. It made us (well, ok mostly me) feel so good comming home to a clean house, clean kids, and smiles on their faces. I felt so good comming home, that I am ready to go again!
So many other things have happend, but I sure can't remember a thing! Its been busy to say the least. Then I was thinking last week, boy I need to blog about this, but didn't know how to start it back up again, so here I am back into blogging, and promising that it wont be this long until I do it agian.
Oh, and the promised pictures are taking their sweet time to download, and with out my cruise naps that I am still used to, I am on no energy, so I will do it tomorrow (or the next day, or perhaps Monday) but they will come!

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