Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make a wish

This little girl is pretty excited, she has been granted a wish from Make a Wish!
She is pretty excited as you can tell! :) There was some talk/brainwashing trying to happen for a bit to decide what to do, she wanted juice, mommy was teaching her how to say pool. However in the end we decided a make over of her room would be great!! Soooo this is before: I can't get the whole room in there, but Tara's new big girl bed is on the right of the picture, (my niece Sarah is in the crib that I have not take out of there yet...) and Toris bed is on the left side of the picture. They have these great cubbies in there rooms which are such a great size (as you can tell by the crib fitting in their perfect) so I am thinking we are going to have a bed put into each of the cubbies (like full or queen) then have the frilly netting put up on the peak of the cubbies (can't really see, but just before the chandaliers) and try to get a closet put in there! Plus tea party stuff, as she loves her tea parties!! So, tea party fairy room it is! I think it fits! Plus Tori is pretty excited because in her words "I didn't even need to have a heart and I get a new room too!" (we have been telling the kids the reason why Tara got to make a wish is because of her special heart...Tori just left out the special part!) The boys are definatlly not sad at all though, as the Make a Wish people that came over to the house were AMAZING and so sweet and gave a gift to all of them, so they are way to busy playing with their new toys to worry about the girls having a "girly room"!
I will forsure post after pictures, but until then, Make a Wish Rocks!!


  1. Very cool. And to think she wanted juice...

  2. That is so exciting!!!! When Grace got her "wish" we were told to pick 3 and Make a wish would let us know which one. I am so happy for Tara! I can't wait to see the pics...

  3. ps~ Yes! I am planning to update my blog soon!!!!! LOL the good news is that there is nothing MAJOR to report :) LOL the (not so) bad new is that we are really boring LOL! Miss chatting with you :) Hugs, Jackie