Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wind....

So I was reading in my bible the other day, and came across the scripture..Mark 6:48. They were straining because the wind was against them, He calmed the wind.
What this means. I am straining. I strain every day. The wind (or you know my dishwasher, computer, my kids etc) is against me. So instead asking him to calm my wind, I choose to strain. Daily. What am I thinking! So this week. I have made the conscious decision to not strain against my winds. Now, since I made this decision, Jim's work computer died, my dishwasher caught of fire, and I have had 2 trips to down town LA. However, none the less, I am not strained. I am choosing not to strain against these things. This means I am making a daily decision (sometimes hourly, or minute!), to ask God to calm my wind for me. I can now laugh at my half burnt dishwasher, my messy desk with so many computer parts I can't even see the granite, and my gas tank that in 3 days I have had to fill up twice...(OK, not really laughing at the last one!) and FYI it works! I feel good, I am truly feeling good about my winds at my sail. I am not straining, but instead enjoying this ride that I call my life. Infact so much so that I may even upload some pictures for another post...if I can find my ports...:)


  1. again, in case I haven't said it in awhile, you are truly an inspiration!