Monday, January 3, 2011

Has it really been that long?

So much for empty promises of more blogs.... And pictures. I see there will be a lot to catch up on but for now, its a New Year. 2011 is here, and I am excited.
Yesterday at church I kept hearing over and over again, 2011 is going to be better. Goodbye 2010, hello 2011. A lot of "Amens" were said, and agreements, that they are so glad to get over 2010. Here is my thing...does that one day really make a difference? Is something going to change just because you get a new calender, or need to put 2011 on things instead of 2010? People, your life isn't going to get better just because its a new year, you are the only one that can make your life better. Weather it be January 1st or June 1st, you can be the change. To hallmark? or harsh? Sorry. Now its not to say that I am not excited to come to a new year, I am glad. 2010 was good to me. There was hard things, but every year there is always hard that goes along with that year. I can think back and remember "hards" in every year back as far as I can remember. However I choose to not look at the "hards" and look at the "goods". So for this post there will be no "2010 sucked". So here is my top 10 of 2010.
10. Tara had a lot less hospitalizations then any other year.
9. Jim and I had more date nights, and really enjoyed every one. (one of our goals this past year was to have more)
8. Jim and I had a wonderful vacation together to the Caribbean. We really enjoyed each other for a full week, with lots of memories and new friends were made.
7. We enjoyed the Caribbean so much that we took the kids back there for a family vacation.
6. Both of my sisters announced they will be having a baby! One thru her belly, one thru adoption! I love being an Aunt.
5. My internship. While its been hard, the hardest things in our life reap the greatest of rewards.
4. My friend Caz got married (which should be one all on its own! WHOOT WHOOT Caz!) and is now able to help me every Wed. with the kids. The kids love spending time with her, and I love having a few hours to get things done, and work on my Internship things. I look forward to Wednesdays.
3. We welcomed Jay to come and live with us. Gods timing is perfect. A friend who is an EMT and studying to be a paramedic needed a place to stay. I needed help with the kids since Jim was going to be gone. A week before Jim left, Jay came in. Its great having a extra set of hands anyways, but for someone with medical knowledge to come in is better. When Tara is sick he can take a shift so I can get some rest.
2. Great friends, great family. We are so incredibly blessed with the bestest of families. Our support system is so fun, and inspire and encourage us. Not only was 2010 rockin' because of them, but everyday is rockin' because of them.
1. Tara got a new make over on her room compliments of Make a Wish. They did an incredible Job, and its so much fun to see the girls play in there. She was also asked to be the Season of Wishes girl, so her segment was televised so that others could see the wonders of how awesome God is.
There was so much more God did in 2010. So hello 2011, but 2010, you were good to us, and for that Thank you.


  1. Thanks for pointing me to the link. I love this post. Many times people reflect on the previous year, and look at the things that need correcting. I love that your outlook is to be grateful for all that is good. Great reminder.

  2. Oh it's been so long where do I start? Maybe we need to have a heart mommy dinner again to catch up. for now...
    1st love the post!
    2nd Oh my goodness Tara's room is just so precious! So beautiful.
    Lastly, as New Years Eve came I said the exact same thing to my hubby. Well not the exact same thing, cause no one can copy the Mrs. Kat Carlson :-)~ But for the most part I was like it's just another day...But as always my husband made some sense out it. he said for "us" families that have been through so much, dont really look at the New Year like others do. But for families that either have been through difficult times or just need a new start, it kind of helps kick it off for them. A New Year, new beginings a new start to maybe what was a bad begining. So now I feel bad and think if people want to then go right ahead, kick up your heels and celebrate the New Year. :) Love always, Mrs. Halmark :) lol
    No back to me....I'm like you....let's just reflect on what happened in the last year, be thankful for all we were given good and bad for it is how we grow.
    AND although I don't always have time to post, I am an advid reader of all your blog post and fb posts. Without you I definitely would not have laughed as much in 2010, so thank you my friend and God bless you and that amazing beautiful family of yours.
    p.s. did not have a spell no laughing. :)