Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whopping Cough

Its been a really hard week...really hard. Jim left Sunday, 6 days ago now. It does not get easier kissing my husband goodbye at the airport no matter how many times I do it. It still sucks. A lot. However my tears were quickly turned into super powers as by Monday night I had 2 kids sick. Tori with the stomach flu (better now), and Tara with the "unknown". Low O2 sats, fever, just funk. I knew something was brewing. By Wednesday fever still there, and a cough had come with it, my nights were getting longer. Last night was epic. Not in a good way. It was a bad night, bad like I have never had to experience at home with my sweet girl. Tears, and coughing spats that would dip her O2 into the high 70's that would last for 1/2 at least. When she would finally "break" from the spat, tears would fall, and she would ask to go to the "egg doctors" (Huntington Memorial is the egg doctors, she always asks them to make her eggs there, and they do.) I want to keep her home, I so want to keep her home, because in the day time, she is good, well better. Yesterday she was diagnosed with Whopping Cough. A vaccine prevented disease. While she has had the vaccine, she is immuno-compromised so still got it. While I have always been "pro vaccine" since Tara I have been even more. Frankly it pisses me off. Tara got whopping cough from someone who was not vaccinated. If you choose to put your child's life at danger, so be it, your choice. HOWEVER, when you then put my child's life in danger, it gets personal. So parents who choose not to vaccinate, this is for you. Until you see your child laying in the hospital fighting for their life, you may never get it. I don't necessarily want you to vaccinate for your kids, I want you to vaccinate for my child. My child who had nothing to do with your stupidity. In the long run, most likely it will never be your child who fights for their life from getting a preventable disease. Most likely it will be a immono- compormised child who did nothing to you, yet you choose to put THEIR life on the line. How dare you.
PS any anonymous comments will be deleted. You are welcome to express your opinion, but if you have one, have the guts to put your name, after all, I did.


  1. Ok, you make me laugh...i totally agree about anonymous comments...i hate when people hide behind it when they have a very strong opinion or have something controversial to say...
    anyway, i am so sorry the nights have been rough and the kiddos have been sick.
    we continue to pray for you, and wish we could be right there to help you!
    sending over lots of love and hugs,

  2. Well said Kat. Sorry the kids are sick. Wish I could help. We really need to get our email chats going again! Miss you <3

  3. Was your child vaccinated? Then you should have had nothing to worry about, if your shots work so well! You crack me up, blaming unvaxed kids like they have disease dripping from their pores. You should be 100% SAFE - you could swim in a vat of measles with no concerns, right? After all, your child was shot up with poisons and toxins in the name of "protection"... LOL!

    I wish I could keep my healthy unvaxed kids away from the vaxed ones - the vaxed ones carry so much more disease since their immune systems have been compromised by formadehyde, mercury, aluminum, antifreeze, human aborted fetus, detergents, and more... will be a much healthier world if vaccinations were finally outlawed!