Thursday, February 4, 2010

Conversations with Jake

well, since I did one on Tori, I will do one for Jake as well.
First leading up to the conversation.....
Yesturday (my birthday) Tara was having a really hard day. She was sick the day before, but still holding her on. After her billionth apnea the night before I new we would see the doctor first thing in the am. So I got ready, got all the kids ready, dropped Elijah off at school, dropped Jake and Tori off to school, and was first one breaking down the doctors office door! (so much for sleeping all day on my birthday which is what I asked for, Jim had to go into work early) The doctor (who normally doesn't see her..big mistake) said, "well, she has a virus, most likely she will get worse before she gets better". Awesome totally what I wanted to hear....So I put her in the car, and drove to the grocery store (we needed juice and cereal.) Tara fell asleep, sleep thru the grocery store, back home kept sleeping. Tryed to wake her to give her some juice, she took a sip, then had another sip, and fell asleep, juice in the mouth. Raspy breathing, harsh coughs...not waking up. Needless to say I took her in (did I mention its my birthday???) but not before I had to pick up Jake and Tori and school...Yup, 3 kids under 5 in the ER for 6 So with no further is the conversation:
As Tara is getting a line put in...
Jake: "mom can I have a spider man too" (a spider man is a iv to Jake)
mom: "no Jake, Tara is not feeling good bud, plus is hurts a bit thats why she is crying"
Jake: "well, it has to hurt a little to become spider man"
mom: "well, not this time, this time its just Tara"
Jake: "aaah man, Tara gets all the fun stuff!!"
Mom: "yes she does...."
*Tara is home now, still not feeling good, but we are working on it...hoping to stay home*

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to spend your bday in the ER. Thoughts and Prayes to Tara.
    xoxo jackie