Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Week

Jim and I had an amazing time on vacation (so did the kids!), so I will show you just a few pictures (we took like 250 of them, so only a few!) to leave you green with envy! It was just beautiful, and belive me, pictures do not do it justice! Swimming with turtles, fishies, and hiking in the lush rain forest was just amazing! We had a great time ~not relaxing as we were busy the entire time~ but great time! Met new friends, and slept soundly all thru the night! What more can you ask for!

Jim and I hanging out on the beach after a long snorkle along the island "Kline Bonaire"
Jim snorkeling!

Fishies...did you know that each fish "poops" about 1 ton of white sand per year from eating coral? Just a little bit of useless information for you!

beautiful coral (that the fish eat to poop the beautiful white sand...)

We suffered thru this beach in Grenada! I know, it was just amazing!

Lush rain forests, with beautiful water falls in Domonica

one of the 365 water falls in Domonica (they have black sand beaches there from the volcanoes.)
What we woke up to in Grenada

Jim and I in St. Thomas right after we finished swimming with the sea turtles.

Amazing time! Next vacation....hopefully soon!

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