Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 little reasons why I love spring, plus some vomit because thats how I role.

I took the kids strawberry picking at Cal Poly yesturday (the 5 little kids). I love taking them there in the spring, and once its open we proubably go once a week or so. The kids love it, plus I love the fresh strawberries (except this year there are not looking so good...sad.) Reason #1 Tara loves her some strawberries

Jake picks the yummies reddest berries ever.

Sarah just picks a few and eats them all (before I have to pay for them)

Tori samples them first to be sure they are tastey. (so half of the strawberries I bring home have a bite out of them)

The girls look like natural gardeners.

Now this little boy picks the most strawberries you have every seen and stuffs it into 1 basket.

Now this little boy Ty (my nephew) also has a little bit of a sweet spot in my heart. I have watched him since he was born. He was born with a cleft Pallet, and had surgary when he was 1 to fully correct the missing Pallet. He is my buddy. He is Jakes best friend/mortal enemy. They fight like brothers. Best friends one minute, worst enemies the next. So while driving out of the Cal Poly parking lot Ty asked "Auntie Kat, do you have a bag?" very calm and hohum mannered I very calmy answer "yes Ty, why do you need it?" (it had strawberries in it at the moment so it was going to take some work) I look back at him in my rear view mirror just to see some vomit fly towards me hitting my rear view mirror. I quickly put on my super mom outfit and dump out the strawberries onto my front seat while negotiating a right turn into on comming traffic, while looking in the rear view mirror and seeing Ty with his hand over his mouth and every so often his eyes bulging out of his sockets as he is still heaving, I quickly give him the bag, just in time for him to vomit the rest into the grocery bag (did I mention it had a hole on the bottom). I quickly make a U-turn and say a little thanks to God that my mom only lives about 1 mile away from Cal Poly so that I dont have to drive home with vomit all over every one and every thing (yes, including my rear view mirror). As we are driving to my moms Ty looks down and says "hum, thats funny, I must have eaten peanut butter today". Hmm Ty, yes you must have. *no he is not allergic to peanut butter, he says this because he thinks he sees peanut butter in his vomit*

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