Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family vacation 2010!!

Its sad...We have not taken a family vacation since 2006. 4 years ago. Someone very important was missing at that time. Our family of 5 had a great time in Australia. We came home and decided to have Tara, to make us a family of 6. We have not taken one since then as an entire family.
So while this was happening at my house...
This is what was happening on a cruise to the Carribean as a family of 6+1.
(Jims Aunt Tami "TT" was kind enough to stow along with us to help with the munchkins.)
My boys are so handsome!

Blue skys, turquiose ocean!

My Jakey Bakey! *was seriouslly baken in the toasty sun! That boy can't tan, just burn...*

Elijah mastered the Aqua Jump with flips!!

Tara looking in at the kids and dad swimming.

Its fine, we had spider man there to help us out...

Elijah snorkled any chance he got...including the pool at the hotel!!

brother and sister duo. Yes, that is the ocean they are standing in...clear blue ocean!

This little girl had a blast! Seriouslly she is cute as a button!

Fun in the sand!

Swimming in the pool!
We had so much fun together, and hopefully dont wait another 4 years to do it together!! They kids all did great, and had lots of fun!!!

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