Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big news in the Carlson house!!!

What has this cute little girl been up to lately you ask?

Potty training!!!!

And doing fantastic I might add!! She amazes and inspires me...daily!!! We started the process on Monday. I did the same "method" I used with Jake (only about a year ago). Its Laura Jensons 3 day potty training. There is some "prep work" that you have to do, and I have been doing that, but the 3 days EASY!!!! (horrible for Jake on Day 1) Tara had 2 accidents on day 1, 1 accident on day 2, and ZERO accidents day 3 (today)!!!! Seriously this little girl is amazing!!! I am keeping a diaper on her at night (I did the other 3 cold turkey), but really we are still working with the new lasix schedule. I Talked to her cardiologist Dr. Fagen yesterday, he totally "gets it", he agreed to let us move her lasix schedule up to 4pm instead of 8pm for the next few weeks while she is working this potty training thing. But even with giving her lasix at 4 is it fair to put her to bed at 8 while her meds are still working to direase her? So we will wear diapers at night for a bit. She is only 2 1/2... So all in all, I am so proud of her and her ability to amaze me!!!! Not bad for a girl with brain damage huh?!?!?!

So now what you ask will I do with all the extra money we will be saving? Adding another date night into the mix? Vacation? A new car? New pair of shoes for mommy? A new purse for mommy to ditch the diaper bag purse? Proubably just paying medical bills.

p.s I just found the spell check button...your welcome mom.

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  1. How exciting! This is so great! Grace just recently got potty trained as well.