Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys, and their boyness!

So planned on talking about This...(Tara 2 years ago)

but alas, instead we will talk about this!! Elijah asked if he could go "riding" before dinner tonight. I said sure, just bring your cell phone (sometimes I need to call him and let him know its been an hour come home!) and put your helmet on (of course). So I have spaghetti on per Toris request, and just boiling the water to put the noodles in when the phone rings. I see its Elijah so I anwser, and he is just screaming. I can tell he is hurt, so I ask where he is and he says just go up our steet and turn right. So I get in the car with the other 3 kids and we go searching for elijah. He is not up our street and right so I look around a bit and call him back. (still crying) he said "I don't know where I am, just hurry it hurts" poor kid. I go around for a few more minutes looking and finally find him. (down our street, left, then left again up a steet and right....but what ever) I see right away that his finger is hurt (bent) and that he has some nasty road rash all over. We go home and clean up a bit, and call Jim to see when he will get home. In only about 1/2 hour so we wait for him to come home. At this point I knew we were going into the Urgent care or ER. So Jim gets home and Elijah and I head out. When we get there it is PACKED like I have never seen it. Crazy, and we wait, and wait, about 2 hours in the waiting room. We get backed they get the road rash cleaned up and bandaged, and do exray on his anckle (which both the doc and I agreed most likely just sprained) and his pinky (again doc and I agreed most likely brocken). Well xray is done, and I ask if I can see them. She says no, but she puts them up for the doctor to see when we get back and puts us in our room and I go sneak a kid! And even I notice the LARGE break on his leg. OOOPS!! So he broke his Fibula, and we see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to decide what to do. Oh, and did I mention his finger was fractured as well? An upward fracture? not sure what that means, but just a finger splint will do I guess! OOPS again!!!

So tomorrow, or Wed. I will write about our little princess Tara, and her story (readers diagest version of course). but until then, why am I always in the ER on September 14th!!!

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