Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what we did last week.

I am so impressed with how well Mac does with all the kids! Tara just loves on him, and can't wait to hold him, hug him, and ride him....She pulls his ears, checks his teeth out, pulls his tongue, (and his as well...), he is so good, and just loves her back. We love him to pieces, and if anyone has any intrest in getting a dog, highly recomend the Silver Labs. Just soooo good with the kids as you can see by the next few pictures: Seriouslly, I am so impressed at how well he does!! tara giving Mac a hug! We also celebrated daddys birthday on the 2nd, so we made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!! Here is a picture of daddy eating his birthday cake! (dont mind all the laundry on my dest/chair/everywhere!!) we made lots and lots of cakes!!! WE made 6 for Taras party, plus one for daddys birthday!! chocolate cake for daddys birthday (this is just the chocolate frosting, makes a better picture!) and of course lots of this still....Fortunatlly she is feeling much better now, so they have stopped!

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