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Taras birth story (9-6-07)

For some of my new readers/bloggy friends, I thought I would share Taras birth story since its hilarious. (you know, you can laugh at these things now...)
On Wednesday the 5th I had my normal OBGYN appt. He checked me as normal as I was 37 weeks along (longer then I had kept any of my other kids, I have a very inhospitable womb!). When I say checked, I mean he was IN there, up to his elbow!!! He said I was 4 centimeters, and it would be any day. As any women knows, after they check you, you get some contractions going on, but nothing to bad. I went home, and by noon, I was leaking...stuff. I assumed my water, so I went to the hospital, got checked in by 4, got a nurse, and she said "no, you are just peeing your pants, it happens" "honey, you will know when its your water, you are not even 1 cm dialted, you have weeks to go." SUCK!! I didn't know you could re-gress on dilation....I went home, made dinner for everyone, and walked around with a make shift diaper out of towels, as I was leaking all over the place, literally!!! I gave the kids a bath, and put them into bed like any normal evening.
By 11ish I was trying to go to sleep, but the contractions were just a bit uncomfortable, so I took 2 tylenol and went to bed. At 1130 I was woken up (and woke everyone else up to) with the most uncomfortable contraction. Seriouslly, I was screaming!!! Jim who was already asleep asked if I was ok, and I said "aaah I am in labor, I need to go to the hospital NOW, I NEED DRUGS!!!!!" he said how long how you been in labor "about 10 seconds". Needless to say he wanted me to have more then 1 contraction!! By the second contraction I said "call the sitter, we are going to the hospital NOW" He called the sitter, and by this time I was screaming, banging on the wall, yelling at anyone and everyone, and anxiouslly waiting by the door for the sitter to drive the 15 minutes to my house. By about midnight I told Jim get in the car we are leaving now, I dont care if he is not here!! Needless to say he got there as we were pulling out!! Jim is the most cautious driver known to man, but I made him speed!! He was being so good at first, but it was getting really bad, I was banging on the ceiling, hitting my head on the window anything. At this point, no break between the contractions. I even told jim at one point, "I need to push"!!! As we were getting closer, I told him to call the hospital and tell them to meet us out front with drugs. They asked how long I had been in labor for, and when he told them half an hour, they didn't .....So we pulled up in record time after running every red light, and stop sign with speed. Jim ran in to get someone, and I saw the ER. I was going in, they had drugs and I was going to get them. I was screaming and hunched over "GIVE ME DRUGS!!!" "GIVE ME DRUGS" I was serious. The security guy pushed me thru to the labor side down the hall as I am sure I got stares. As I was walking down the hall I saw a nurse and said "can you give me drugs, anything, I just need drugs, please" I was crying, screaming and begging. No such luck. I get to labor and delivery, and they come get me (I was pretty loud I guess...) and the nurse is telling me to calm down, there is a long way to go. She gives me a cup and a gown, and tells me to get dressed and give her a urine sample. I am screaming for drugs, but she said no pee, no drugs. So I went to the bathroom, and tryed to give a urine sample. I was shaking so bad I couldn't hold the cup. I got Jim to come in to help me and pleaded with him "you need to hold the cup, I keep dropping it, they wont give me drugs til I give them pee". So being the great honey that he is agrees to hold the cup for me. He gets down there, puts his hands there, and without warning, at 12:06 am out pops my little girl!!!!! He catches her, and puts her on the ground, and spins her around trying to un-wrap the cord from her kneck, and pulls the little "help" cord and says calmly "we need some chucks pads and some hemostats in here"
Nurse on the other end "what for sir"
"for the baby"
"what baby"
"the baby my wife just had"
"#%$& WHAT!!!"
Lots of dropping, and words were flying around, but needless to say about 5 nurses were there in about 5 seconds.
They put 1 hemostat on the side where Tara was, and cut the cord, and I sat there on the toilet with the cord in my hand for quite awhile....Lifting it up so I didn't bleed to death. They took the baby, and did what they needed to do with her and I just sat on the toilet screaming still I needed drugs (I felt ripped off!!)
After about 20 minutes they finally come to get me and lay me down on the bed as I am still holding my cord, and I asked Jim to call my mom who was going to be there for the birth. She got there, and the nurses finally called the doctor who arrived about an hour and a half later (yes I am still holding my cord) Needless to say my mom got to see me deliver the placenta, proubably not the same excitment!!!
The doctor FINALLY gave me drugs, and I was a happy girl holding my sweet little 6lb 11oz 19 1/2 inch baby girl with red hair and blue eyes.
She was just absolutely beautiful, and perfect in every way. I counted her fingers and toes, and admired her piercing blue eyes, and her chunky cheeks (yes even at 6lbs she had cheeks on her")I thought she weighed so much more then that she just looked chubby!!
She had perfect little arms, perfect little legs, perfectly round head, and a perfect heart......
Yes, my girl was born with a perfect heart. Undamaged, perfect and whole in every way.
That story will be next week....
Baby girl,
You came into this world like crashing thunder. You supirsed us all with your fiesty little attitude even then. We knew then that we were on your timing, and things were going to be your way or the highway!!! You captured my heart with your sky blue eyes, and your fiesty red hair. You were perfect, and tiny, and I was in love. Little girl, you have been thru some much in your short time here, and I am amazed by your strength. Most people dont go thru this in their lifetime, and you have done it in 2 years, yet you still push on with your fiesty attitude. I can't imagine our family without you, as you bring in a completion that we never had. You tought me how to have patience, you showed us how to pray, You showed us how incredibly generous people and strangers are, and how family unity is so important, but most importantlly you showed us that miracles do happen. I am so proud of you baby, and I am honored that God chose me to be your mom, and its a privledge and an honor everytime you say "mama".
I love you Tara Lorraine.

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  1. i love this birth story, kat! it definitely shows how everything is going to be on tara's terms!! =)
    bless your beautiful, miracle baby.