Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taras 2nd birthday!!

This is actually post number 2 for the day, so keep clicking down!!!
This past Saturday we celebrated Tara's 2nd birthday with a Backyard Birthday Bash with Blood Drive!! It was so much fun! USC blood donor center came and took blood from friends, family, and neighbors in honor of our Miracle baby (guess at 2 she is not really a baby anymore) girl! They were able to collect 33 pints of blood!!! We celebrated with a HUGE water slide and bounce house, lots of yummy food (if I do say so myself!!), friends, family, and nieghbors. It was so nice to just hang out with everyone, and have such a good time. Friends came that Jim and I havn't seen since our Wedding, nurses came, even Taras cardiologist came to join in the celebration! Everyone said they had a great time, and I say God bless disposable serving trays!!! not good for the environment, but good on my back for not having to be doing dishes til 3am like last year!!! Here are a few pictures of this years celabration!!

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