Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Haps

OK, sorry for lack of As she is the only one complaining. So here it is.

Jim is fishing right now in the Sierras. I miss him. Hopefully he gets home Thursday...unless the fishing is really good, then Friday. Pray for no fishies... :)

Everyone is healthy!!! I know, big news! Tara is retaining some fluid, but I am fairly sure its because she has gained some weight since her last Cardiology appt, so we need to change her med doses...that's my prayer at least. I will give her an additional dose of lasix today. Just to see how that goes (yes, I can, I have permission) She has a budah belly right now. I would think it was cute if it was real...I don't think its real. Her panties roll down under her "bulge".

I am looking for a little pool for the kids for outside. Not sure which way to go. There are a lot of options. I really just want a "real pool" but am learning patience. The slip and slide is always a good option, but we just layed fresh sod...they recommend not "stressing out" your new sod. I am thinking a slip and slide might stress it out? But then again having 4 kids and a dog running on it all day seems like stress too. Or when Jacob pulled up 2 pieces of sod to "remember what it looked like before grass" seems like it could have stressed it out too. Or the fact that the other night I put on the sprinklers at 10pm, but forgot to set the timer, and when I finally went to bed at 4 am (I told you I miss Jim) finally turned them off could have stressed it out. So maybe the slip and slide is not such a bad option???

The kids L-O-V-E the new concrete we poured for them on the side. They are ALL now scooter maniacs. Even Tara. Yesterday I caught a picture (that I will not post here) of Tara riding her scooter in just her helmet. Yup, way to protect your self girl. She must be trying to get rid of her tan line from our cruise still...

Got a new coffee pot and I LOVE it....seriously love it. Its the Keurig one cup thingy? Really love it. Trying to find which coffee I like best. I think it was the first box I used, which I threw the box away, and can't remember what its called. But it was X-tra BOLD. I like bold coffee. I bought some other bold stuff, but lets just say my tummy had issues after. LOVE my coffee pot.

We had Taras assessment for her IEP. She was one ball of energy and in one of her super moods. Needless to say I am fairly sure she wont qualify for anything. I think they might have even though we were liars! :) She was chit chatty, and running like a maniac. I walked away from the meeting and told Jim, well, looks like we will be getting nothing! However they called me back because they want to re-test her on some things. They called me yesterday...Our appt is 1pm. Nap time. So they will either see a sleeping girl, or a melt down. Not sure which one.

I lost my keys in my house on Sunday. LOST. I came home from church and then going to the store (with all the kids) and walked in with all of the bags, a sleeping kid on my arm, and my keys. I locked my car with them, but have not seen them since. My original thought was that perhaps I threw them away when I was clearing off the counters? Well, I dug thru the big trash that night (both of them) a bit, but really could not see much, so I waited til morning (Monday is trash day) So I put the trash cans on the curb, then on Monday before I took Elijah to school looked again for a few minutes. Did not see them again, but figured I would do a much better search when I got home from taking Elijah (he was going to be late). Well, trash was picked up while I was gone...drove up just in time to see my trash cans put into the truck. Hopefully they weren't in there. I have searched toy boxes, pantry, refrigerator, dryer, office etc. Can't find them. Sad.

I signed up Jake and Tara for a new preschool. I think its a good option. Its a Christian preschool called "Sonrise". They will go 3 half days. I like the school. They also have an elementary program, so they have a speech therapy person on sight (well, there is 2 campuses, so she goes between the 2), so I like having this option. PLUS added bonus, the teacher for the 3 year olds (which Tara will be in that class because YIKES she will be turning 3) has a daughter with a CHD. I like that, she totally "gets it". I will be working at the school 1 of those days per week to help keep the cost down. Its a private preschool, so double what we are paying now, but I think worth it in the long run.

Jim leaves for Qatar (in the Middle East, but not where there is fighting) on Sunday for 2 weeks. There is a very good possibility that this will not be his only trip there, and the 2 weeks there will most likely be a short trip. I don't want to go into it, but pray for peace, and for God to be VERY clear to both him and me. This situation is most likely why there has been a lack of posts, I am stressed to say the least.

So there you go. The Haps. Your welcome.

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