Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why I can't find my house

Well, we have had a crazy week so far!! Crazy not in a bad way, but crazy fun, and crazy bad, and just crazy hectic....Intreged...I hope so.
So this week will Start since Thursday. Since I am fairly sure I blogged on Wed....but not sure.
Thursday my older sister dropped off my niece and nephew Ty and Sarah (from my younger sister). they are the ones I watch during the week anyways, so when they got a trip to Puerto Viarta for a week they asked if I could watch them. I of course said yes, but then got my older sister to help out the first few days, as I was nice like that and let Jim recover a bit from jet lag first. When T my older sister dropped of the kids, she mentioned that Sarah had been cranky. Home sick I was thinking on the phone...after all, Lolo (her mama, my younger sister) had really only left her for 1 night before. Well, as soon as I saw Sarah, I knew it was not homesick, but rather sick sick. I took her temp, low grade, she was also banging on her ears, thinking ear infection I took her to the ped. I like to nip those things in the bud. Well, while at the doctors office Sarah was huggling me, and when the Dr. came in, he was checking her out, and she puked...on me. So there I am in the peds office, puke ALL down the front of me, a bit in my hair, and pooled on my lap...with 6 kids. 3 of them were freaking out "Sarah got puke on my shoe" 1 was freaked "ooooh, thats so grouse, I am going to puke too, it stinks" and the ped (he is not my kids doctor, but works in the same office, so he knows us well) says "well, its a virus, so expect them (pointing to the other 5 children) to get it"...awesome...then walks out, leaving me with puke down my shirt. So my momma instincts jump into play and I carefully get to the sink on the other side of the room, strip off my shirt, pants, and shoes, and place them in the sink, check my bra for chunks, wash off just a bit, wash my shoes shirt and pants out in the sink, ring them out, and put them back on. Walk out of the doctors office bidding farewell to the nurses, them saying "we will see you soon" getting strange looks from everyone as I leave with 6 kids, WET clothes, and kicking myself for wearing a white shirt that day. Walk downstairs, stop in the pharmacy to pick up Taras meds (we called to have them ready), said Hi to our favorite pharmacist John, who said "hey Kathie, looks like its one of those days huh"! I love our pharmacist. (just a little plug, its Sierra Pharmacy in Glendora and they ROCK huge! Like normally they DELIVER all our meds to our house, Taras meds get delivered every other week (normally on Fridays, but since I was there anyways on Thursday I picked them up), they include 6 lollipops, and 6 stickers (he knows I have Ty and Sarah during the week), and usually 4 sets of band aids (John knows my kids LOVE band aids, and when ever we are in there he loads us up with all the latest ones) I said, they ROCK!!
So we drove home, after loading 5 kids into car seats, and rolling down the windows, as I still stink. Got home, gave baths to all children, and me, made dinner, and put them all to bed. Sarah continued to puke thru the night, but by the next after noon, much better!
Friday, needless to say, we laid low! By Friday night Ty was feeling bad, and Saturday same thing, but woke up feeling great this am, so we went to church, then went to our annual church picnic after church. It was fun! Great food, lots of grass for the kids to run, giant waterslides, and lots of extra hands to help this mama out with all the children! Not to mention the ice cream, pie and all the other goodies!! (again, our church Rocks!) Tomorrow will be a day of laying low again, and trying to recover this house from the shambles its in. Maybe some laundry (as usual), parks, and playing in the back yard.
The kids found a frog tonight in our back yard. They kept it. They are really looking forward to "playing" with it again tomorrow. I hope they are not to sad when the realize that the frog ran away...with help from me...we don't need another frog. We killed the last one. Not purposely. In my defence, our dear friends The Kosjuks had just lost their precious daughter Reese, and I was heart broken about that, plus Tara was in the hospital, so very hard to be sure froggy had water while I was shriveled up. Poor guy. So today Tori said "look, its froggy, he came back" I said "honey, things don't come back from heaven" "MOM, froggy didn't go to heaven, he ran away because he knew we were going to get a puppy and didn't want to be eaten, hasn't he gotten big" "oh, yes honey, thats right. I remember now, wow, he sure did get big". Yes, I lie to my children for the greater good. To spare them the heartache.
So there you have it, the last few days! I will blog more, after I can find my house....

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