Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laundry Update.

Well, remember my post regarging sorting the kids laudry into their own laundry basket, well here we have it, before and after! (so yes, I am airing my laundry on my blog, its just not dirty, its clean) So this is JUST the kids laundry and towels after being gone for 5 days and working for Jim. Thats right folks, 5 loads here!
So Before... And after!!!

From left to right you have Elijah, Jacob, Tara, Tori, and towels and sheets. Plus a few straglers on the couch of random items that had no home in the baskets. I am really liking it, it really streamlines the process for everything. The girls baskets are both exactlly the same, as they go up to the same room, so I washed their stuff together, and I washed Elijahs stuff on its own, and Jakes stuff on its own, and the towels and sheets by them self. I really like this, if I could keep up with it (which I have up until last week) it was so easy, just wash the load, then fold and give to the kids,or bigger kids as Tara and Jake dont put their stuff away, but Tori and Elijah do...well, Elijah throws the entire basket into his room and hopes it lands in an open drawer, as all of his drawers are always open...and his room is always a mess (seriouslly post on its own), but Tori VERY neatly arranges everything just perfect, color coordinates, then carefully puts it away in the right drawer, then closes the drawer, and checks to make sure everything else in her room is put away, as with Tori everything has a place and order (like OCD style...)
So there you have it, airing my laundry on my blog! I like the process, it works for us!


  1. I LOVE IT! as only another mom with 4 kids could :) I have actually tried this method (or something like it) but didn't have as much luck. I think the trouble for me starts when I start to think that my 10 (well, almost 11) year old will help by putting her own stuff away! What seems to work for me is doing one load every day (OK, every other day) and MAKE the kids put if away before they get to do ANYTHING fun. Yes, I have become a drill Sargent. LOL. I like to only do towels and sheets on the weekends so Monday the clothes pile in the laundry room is usually backed up but the other days are not too bad if I keep up on it. Also, I have to ask... Is that a half painted wall in the photo? I only ask because I have a half painted wall in my house. I am too embarrassed to tell you how long it has been there... Just another thing you and I have in common :) we really have to meet in person some day LOL :)

  2. That's too funny!! I like the comment about the half-painted wall too. This morning I was standing in Zach's bedroom and noticed a half painted shelf! (I only have 2 kiddos) LOL!!
    Jenn(I could only sign in as Anon, but you know who I am) :)