Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Your Story, John 14:11

For Tara's 1st birthday, I handed out little candles, in a glass votive jar with the word BELIEVE on it (they were stickers, and I stuck all 150 on them...just FYI), I then tied them up with a cute little ribbon on cellophane, and put a little note card on it, with the verse John 14:11.

"Believe me when I say that I am the Father, and that the Father is in me, or at least believe in the evidence of the Miracles themselves".

I loved it. Tara is the evidence of my miracle. I already believe in the Father (You should too), but if I hadn't when Tara got sick, and stayed sick for so long, and survived, I would have had to have believed in something, based on the evidence of miracles themselves. Doctors had no "medical reason" for her to survive, she was clearly a miracle, we heard that, and still hear that, almost anytime we meet, or see any doctor. They read her chart, look up several times at her as they keep reading with their jaw on the ground, and say, "you do know she is a miracle right?" (one of the last times was at the IEP meeting last week as her case had to sent to the "medical team" for review) The nurse was just shocked, and by the time she was done reading she was in tears saying "she is extraordinary, you don't EVER see this, it doesn't happen, you must know that she has a purpose in life, she is a miracle"...yes I know (HELLO...Jeremiah 29:11 Hope and a future here! ) I didn't say that, but instead I agreed, and said "I serve a mighty God, who does miracles everyday, on that day, he choose my daughter." I don't say things like that just as a "ho-hum blah blah blah", I say those things, because Tara's story is a miracle. It deserves to be told, people should believe in the father based on the miracles themselves. Its Tara's story, and people need saved.

While singing in church on Sunday we sang one of my favorite new songs called "Story" written by Paul Stephens, and James Peak of the Movement Band (The Movement is our youth department at my church, I am soooo blessed to go to such an amazing church (The Cause) where such amazing music is coming out of, and even more blessed that Elijah is now a part of The Movement). The song goes "When they hear your story, might they be saved.." its an amazing song, I have the album blaring in my car right now, (its not available on itunes yet, or I would totally link it to here....). While singing it in church on Sunday (even though I had just heard it a few minutes ago in my car on the way to church) The Spirit put a new light on that song. When I first heard of it, I immediately put it with Tara, I mean after all, her story is incredible. However last Sunday, I realized, even I have a story, you have a story, Everyone has a story. How do you want your story to play out? How do you want your story to read? That you did a good job raising your kids? sure, that sounds nice, but instead of that story for me, I want it to read out a different way. I want my story to read, that not only did I do a good job raising my kids, but that I loved God with all my heart, I praised Him in good and bad, my story lead others to Christ, then their story lead others, I want to change a generation with my story.
Everyone has a story, when you die, how do you want it to read? If you do not know Christ, and have a personal relationship with him, you have nothing. I would love to talk to anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Christ, and tell you what he has done for me. You are the only one who can change your story. You write it, and then you die (sounds harsh when you write it like that, but its the truth). How will it read?

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  1. Thanks for your advice on the Aquaphor episode - hope all is going well for you and your family!