Thursday, August 13, 2009

As promised a day in a life!

As promised (well at least the title says it) here is a day in the life of 4 kids and a dog! Did I mention its only 530? We still have dinner, baseball practice and baths, yet there is still so much excitment!
Jake you get your laso (stick off tree) and I will get my gun (toy pink blow dryer) and we will play cops and robbers and find burried treasure. (pirates would work, but mom doesn't want to hinder the play....) Mac could you wake up and help us find the treasure? Maybe Elijah can help us find the treasure?

I wonder how pretty I will be if I use my sisters make up? Now the one with the brush goes where? Maybe if Tori helps? Am I the prettiest girl ever? "mom watch what happens when I slide down the hill on Jakes Tonka truck!" (does this seem like a bad idea to anyone else?)
Well, I can't show you the other pictures, as it involves Elijah running around the back yard half naked because a bee flew up his pants and stung his ummm.... junk....? What do you do when your favorite toy runs out of batteries? PUSH!!!
Dont make me come down there and show you how it works.... I'll show you how this works... maybe if Sarah turns the wheel and Tara pushes?

oops, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let Tara push... Aunt Lolo had to step up!

Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we have!!!!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Hahaa! This definitely makes me want to have more kids! Great entertainment. I love how much you enjoy them. :) Keep it coming.