Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess who is allergic to bees....

Fun stuff first, then the yucky stuff!! We will start off with swimming, end end with the trip to Urgent care at the end of the post!! Suspence......
Tara and Elijah finished swimming.
Princess girl! Just finished lessons (not the practicully dry hair!)

Jake really likes swimming!

Jake "doing it by himself"

This is the best picture of Tara I have in the water. She doesn't like to be there unless mommy is with her!

Elijah the swimmer!

Tori loves her brother!

Now onto the not so fun stuff!!!
Guess who is allergic to bees.....
Yup, couldn't be any other child!!! Just the one with CHF. Thats my girl!!! No anit-histamines here (heart babies can't take that stuff...), no epi-pens, just a trip to the ER.

How it all started you ask?

Tara was playing in the back yard (as usual!) We are back there all day long. I think I might bring my laundry out there to be folded, as it seems silly that I am outside and its waiting to be folded on the couch! I guess we will get to it in the winter when its to yucky outside to play!! Until then the laundry is on the couch, find your own clothes!! So Tara took her shoes off (at some point, not sure when) and she is walking around singing twinkle twinkle (in her mamamamamamamam) toon to twinkle twinkle, then all of a sudden a scream comes out of her. She walks over to me screaming Yiyah (meaning Elijah) and I try to convince her he didn't do it. I figured she stepped on somthing so looked at her foot right away, there it was (the bee included as she stepped on it so it smooshed in her) so I got a credit card and swept it away took her inside washed her up and applied baking soda. (we are no stragers to bee stings this year, Jake thinks he should catch them!) few minutes into the baking soda, and I see her foot is getting BIG! not just little swollen, but big! I also notice this hard as a rock white line forming from the sight of the sting about 3 inches up her anckle. Not good I know! So I call the powers that be (you know cardiology, and PCP) and there we go off to Urgent Care! Urgent care was great, and treated her very quickly. They lanced it to keep the swelling down, and cut open the area of the sting to get out any left of stinger, also checked all of her vitals, twice! Depending how it looks tomorrow she may need antibiotics in a few days, but they were willing to wait on that.

Because she has the worst timing ever...We are going to Havasu tomorrow. (we happen to know where the Urgent Care it there!!) We are looking forward to the time away, and cant wait to spend the day on the boat!

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  1. Hi Kathie,

    My name is Jackie. I came across your blog from Baby Moriah's blog. I too am a mom of 4 kids and my baby (well, 2 1/2 ) is a heart baby and we have a dog too! It sounds like you and I are living parallel lives! :) I read your post about the baby's talking. My baby Grace also sees a speech therapist (and a pt and early intervention) I don't know what happened but just a few weeks ago she just started talking like crazy! It's still difficult to figure out what she is saying sometimes but it's so much better than it was a few months ago. She too was only using about 10 words or so. Now I can't stop her! She is blabbing on and on and on LOL Her new favorite word in "Why?" driving me crazy! LOL anyway, I would love to chat with you sometime. You can check out our family blog at http://www.truhefamily.blogspot.com/ I update it once or twice a month but trying to be better about updating more often :) and if you want to see Gracie's story from the beginning her blog is http://gracietruhe.blogspot.com