Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part 2 of Day in the Life....

No pictures as I was to busy with puke and blood!!!
While eating hot dogs for dinner With the dog of course right under Tara :) who was sitting in a big girl chair next to Tori thinking she is all that...falls...thats right. Have you ever noticed how much a lip bleeds? Mom of course springs into action knocking off the box of cinnamon toast crunch that was still on the table from breakfast (yes, breakfast. Complain if you must, but there were "incidents" as previouslly stated. Plus if it makes you feel any better my bathrooms are spotless right now, like you could eat off the toilet seat, or at least let the dog drink out of the bowl) while I am trying to take care of fore mentioned blood, the dog starts going crazy with cereal. Eating it all. I am now at a crossroads of sorts....apply pressure with ice, or take the cereal away. Tara is screaming louder, so she wins. I am asking Tori to get the food away from the dog, but she says that its to gross. So I ask Jake. Has anyone ever seen Jake with his food? He doesn't give up, or stop eating very easy.....He finally tries to take the food away with hotdog in hand and Mac grabs that too. Now I have Tara screaming with blood, and Jake screaming with his hand half way down Macs throat trying to retrive his hot dog. Its gone. Jake is now screaming, (possibly lounder then Tara) food is a big deal. I let Jake know he can have mommys hot dog (which only has a few drops of blood on it that I pass off to him as ketchup). He is happy, and Tara starts to calm down, where I can now start cleaning up "the mess" blood off the chairs (seriuoslly white cushions? what was I thinking) the remains of the cereal box (which is pretty much bits and pieces of cardboard and plastic) and within a few minutes I hear Tori let out the blood curtling scream. I think someone is hurt, bad...I rush over to find the largest pile of puke ever known to man....on Tori's lap. Yup, as it turns out puppies can not eat there normal amount of food, and entire box of cinnamon toast crunch, bits of cardboard from box, a sippy cup spout (still intact, I am debating weather to put it in the dishwasher and call it a day? those things are a hot comodity at my house), and half a hot dog. Sitting on Toris lap. Of all kids!! haha! I run over to Tori to make sure my couch is still safe, I mean make sure she is ok...After I realize my couch is barily saved by the tiny little lap we call Tori I get a towel and start on yet another load of laundry after I hose off the big pieces and fish out the sippy cup spout thats now sitting on my counter in a zip loc. I figure I will decide tomorrow when my mind is clear!!
Now, I am off, and I am hungry. Jake ate all my hotdog....
Expect more stories from this weekend. It will be a day in the life of 6 kids and a dog, I have my 1 year old niece and 3 year old nephew all weekend!! Should be fun!!!!

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