Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can I get a what what!!!!

Or a yipee! Or a woot woot! Or a high five? My boy is stoked! The medium boy! Well, as some (or none) of you know, Elijah missed all but 4 games of his little league season. With the fractured finger after the first game, and mono after the 3rd. Its was a ruff season to say the least! Elijah is a great athlete. (takes after his mother!) he can pick up any sport in like a minute, and within a matter of about 2 mintues have it mastered!!!! Well, at the end of last season there was tryouts for a travel ball team. (about 75 of the best kids try out ) and earn 10 open spots. Well, It was awhile ago when he tryed out, and we had not heard anything. We figured he didn't make it. He was not at the top of his game for tryouts, as he was still techinically (I am glad his doctor doesn't read this....) not able to play yet. We tryed out anyways because the coach asked him too. He did ok at tryouts, but I was there, not in the top 10, or face it even top 25 at the time.
WE got the call last night (well, we got the message, as I was out, and Jim doesn't anwser the phone...ever!) Elijah is so super stoked, and as of Tuesday practice starts. I do have some logistics to plan, as we are planning on going to Havasu on Tuesday with some dear friends of ours, then Elijah was suppost to go to his Grandmas house for a week after that. Hopefully the coach will let those slide as they were planned, but from what I hear, travel ball is tuff, and competitive. So we will see. Yippee, Yippe, The boy is so incredibly stoked. Cloud nine for sure! So much fun!!

In other news......
Taras 2nd birthday party is comming up! We are really excited about it. And after 16 hospital admissions in the last 2 years, it is well deserved. We are going to have it on September 5th (labor day weekend) and combine it with Jim Dears birthday as well (his is the 2nd). It should be fun, and if it all works out, I have some great stuff planned. I will give my 2 faithful readers a sneak peek at what it is...Blood drive!!! I really hope it works out, but this is the plan. Tara as my 2 readers know, got so many blood transfusions I lost count. I am guessing? 60? So my goal would be to put at least the back into the blood bank. We have so many AMAZING friends and family, that I dont think it should be that hard. So if you are a faithful blood giver already (I am) dont go give blood anytime soon, wait til Taras party. Plus instead of getting a cookie and OJ after you give how about bbq chicken, potatoe salad, and birthday cake? Can't beat that!!! So save the date of Sept. 5th and know all is welcome weather we know you personally or thru bloggy world. Our house is open for over night visitors, and if you confirm your reservation early you might even get a bed instead of the floor! (I do have plush carpet so its not horrible....You may get stuck on the floor from juice or cookies, but no biggie). We love you all, and can't wait to see you at the party!

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  1. Hum, may be a little hard for me to give blood from up here. ;-) but I think it's a great idea. And isn't it amazing how our kids just seem to keep growing up??

    Give Elijah my congrats and all the kids hugs.