Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trip to Havasu!

We just got home from Lake Havasu and had such a great time! Lots of boating, swimming, and having fun with friends. My friend Christie and her son Matt (Elijahs friend) went and spent a few days with Jims dad (Jim ended up not being able to go last minute, work takes priority in this market!). I took a friend of ours from church to help with the kids, and give mommy somthing that usually doesn't happen on a vacation...a vacation! We had such a great time together, and loved spending time with everyone! It was good to be home (we all missed daddy) but the kids were already asking me today when we were getting ready for church if we could go back to grandpas house after church to go on the boat!

Elijah and Matt "cought" a fish! With a bucket!! Chirstie and I are swimming behind our boys!

Jay climbing up this cliff! yes he jumped, twice! No I dont have a picture of that! its an over 40 ft drop!!!

Mac was exhausted after such a long day! Had to curl up with mommy!

the birds would take food right from your hand!

Yes, even mommy jumped of cliffs!

Tori loved driving the boat, and if there was a boat within a 1 mile radius, she was going to let them know she was driving! She waved at everyone and anyone! She has this princess thing down!

Grandpa just the way he likes it, with a girl on each knee!

Mac was worn out!!! Lots of fun on the lake!

Elijah was to busy jumping off cliffs to take a nap!

Within minutes of being on the boat everyone fell asleep! My kids were so excited to get on the boat and "take a boat nap"! Even Jay our manny (our nanny, but that sounded a little to girlie) crashed! Somthing about the roar of the motor put them all to sleep! Even Mac had a nap!

had to put this picture in! its just so funny!!!

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