Thursday, March 11, 2010

The braids.

Tori has a friend at Chruch, Camdyn. Tori really likes Camdyn, she talks about her quite often. Not about how nice she is, or how nice she dresses (which is a very Tori thing to say...she is vain) but how beautiful her hair is. She always has more then 5 "ponies" in her hair...they are "twisties but not braidy, but twisty, and there are a lot, more then 5 twisties but not braidys". Its a big deal. She asked the other day if I could make Taras hair like Camdyns. Twisty, but not braidy...I tryed....At least I got the more then 5 ponies down.
Bonus though, when we saw Camdyns mom at church she said she would teach me how to do the twisties, but not braidy, but twisty. Tara liked the twisties, (that ended up being braids), she kept them in for a full day...Note to self, remember the ringlets I showed you a while back...she has body in her hair, if you leave braids in for 24 hours, it might not ever come "down". Tori liked it...she said it looked like Elijahs "fro" which he was really sporting a few months back, It did...

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  1. I was thinking the same thing!! about it being curly when you took the braids out! I wanna see that pic too!!
    Love you guys!!