Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Jake "mom, I dont want to take a bath, I already changed my undies today"

Tara after her telling me what she wanted about 10 times and me not understanding her and her getting frustrated "I pookie" Pookie is one of Taras books that she loves, Pookie doesn't tell his mommy what the matter so the mommy has to guess. Tara likes me to guess... still have no idea what "anano" is.

Tori last night "goodnight mom, goodnight Tara, goodnight Mac, goodnight Elijah, goodnight Jake, goodnight American girl where ever you are." Tori lost her American girl at the house here last Wed. Last place it was seen...Tara walking to the kitchen holding her. We have searched. I feel bad, she really misses her.

Jake "I am not being mean, I just hit her with my toy, she was not being patient and loving"

Tori after praying for a "big pool with a diving board" every night for dinner for months a few night ago said "Dear Jesus, since you dont have enough money for a big pool with a diving board just any size pool thats big enough for a diving board is fine...and bless this food even though I want steak."

Elijah "pretty good report card huh mom"...hmm maybe he just doesn't understand what "good" means....1 B (in PE) 2 C's, 2 D's and 1 F. Hmm, pretty good compared to???? "Yes Elijah, I am very proud of you for getting a C- in Social Studies...this is much better then the D plus you squeked by with last report card...However the F in Science that you were getting a B in last report card I have issues with...isn't Science your favorite subject?"

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