Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Psalm 55

Listen to my prayer O Lord, Do not ignore my cry for help! Please listen and anwser me for I am overwhelmed with my troubles...

This was Tori. For the last week "Louise" has been missing. Louise is her American Girl. She loves her, she sleeps with her, she takes her to church because she put up one of the best arguments I have ever seen from a 5 year old...."mom, I love her, and when I die and go to heaven, I want her to be there with me, so she needs to go to church to hear about Jesus" "well Tori, when you get home from church you can tell her all about Jesus then, I dont want you to loose her" "mom, would you let Jakey stay home from church and just let me tell him about Jesus?" you make a good point... Missing. The last place we say her was under the pool table last Wed. when Ty and Sarah were here. The only other place we went was Church on Thursday morning, so we were fairly sure she was lost at the house. We have looked all over. All of us. There was a reward involved... by me. I was lost without Louise too...for diffrent resons of course!! The $3.73 cent reward was sitting on the counter waiting to be claimed. Today, with 5 kids here (Ty and Sarah) we set out again to find Louise. After all, we are talking big money here. Thats 3 toys at the 99 cent store. HUGE!! Not to mention the special shopping trip. So after looking most of the morning, and still no Louise, I was getting worried. Wondering if I could find one on Craigslist or something (she has literaly been heart brocken with tears every day) So while the "babies" Sarah and Tara were still asleep, I sat the kids down, asked them to hold hands, we were going to pray, Pray for Jesus to be our eyes and our hands to help us find Louise, after all, he led mommy to her diamond a few months back, and he cares for what we care for, Jesus loves us that much, that he wants us to be happy. So we prayed together, The 4 of us Ty, Jake, Tori, and me. I told the kids if 2 or more agree, it shall be done in His name. The kids all prayed, very serious prayer, "Jesus, be our eyes, be our hands, help us like you helped mommy (or Auntie kat), please help me be able to buy a squirt gun with the reward money so I dont get to hot" they set off, ready to be Jesus' eyes and hands. Within 1 minute (not kidding) Ty screamed out "Jesus lead me right to her, I was His eye balls and he found her, He does care". What an amazing lesson my kids and I both learned today. Pray...first, not a week later. We have been looking for a week, why was she not found, because we didn't ask to have Jesus be our eye balls, He does care, he cares for what we care for. Why didn't we pray when she first went missing? Could have saved everyone quite a bit of heart ache. Pray first, then find.

Side note story to celebrate we decided to go to the park when the "babies" woke up, I said "ok everyone lets get our shoes on" Ty said "I can't find my shoes" Jake said "come on guys lets get together and pray" cutest thing watching them on the stairs holding hands "Dear Jesus, please be our eyeballs, help us find Tys shoes, lead us to them because you care about us going to the park" I found them right after and Jake screams out "it does work, Jesus lead you right to them". Yes Jake, prayer does work.


  1. "mom, would you let Jakey stay home from church and just let me tell him about Jesus?"

    That logic is brilliant. How can you argue with that girl?

  2. What a great lil story!! Thanks for sharing!! I need to call you; we are coming to visit!! :) FUN!

  3. LOL. I just read your blog post to Justin. Oh my goodness. The kids are so cute.
    Justin wanted me to tell you that your story challenged him to pray too. =)
    We love you guys,
    the Nelsons