Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waffle Morning

Every once in a while Jim takes the morning off, and does a Waffle morning. Its the kids favorite time, (and mine too) Jim cooks waffles for everyone (from scratch not bisquick), and I am just in charge of making coffee (handled). The kids get soooo excited and pull up chairs to the counter and "help" dad. And of course by "help" I mean taste test! yes folks, he is THAT good. He works, eats, and makes waffles.
He is actually talking to one of his clients in this one. Real work saying "yeah, I am running a bit late, I wasn't getting out of the house with out making waffles for the kids this am".

the 4 munchkins ready to "help".
Jake had to go pee, but I still loved this picture!

Tori is soooo very excited. Waffle days are usually her idea...and by idea I mean she says "dad, remember that your the best dad ever and you make waffles better then anyone?" "yes Tori thanks" "can you do that again so I can remember?" She suckers him in every time!

Jake a bit to busy eating to actually smile (yes folks, he did get dressed during the process)

Tara thinking she was a big girl with a fork, and by big girl I mean hold the fork in your right hand and eat waffles with your left.

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  1. Love it!! Again, Jim rocks! What cute kids!