Monday, March 22, 2010

Tori's first T-ball game.

I have so much more to blog about, but in the meantime!!

Tori had her very first T-ball game on Saturday. She was a bit nervous about starting...after all, "how are people going to know I am a girl"...Well, it was incredibly cute to watch, everyone knew she was a girl *could be because she shakes her hips when she walks onto the field* or it could be the pink bat, pink helmet, the pink and purple glove, or the pink ball that she took up to the tee to hit...what a girl!! Well, she got the game ball that game...for "awesomeness" but he told me after it was because she was very see, when someone on the other team hit the ball EVERYONE, yes everyone, including the first base person, runs to get the ball, its like a race, and who ever gets there first wins, and yells at their other team mates, no its my turn!!!
No the coach pulls them aside after the first inning, "ok, ONLY the people who are close to the ball go get it, not everyone, we want to get the ball and throw it to first base" he got an "Ok coach" from everyone. Well, guess what happend the very next inning. Yup you guessed it, everyone ran...except Tori. Tori my sweet little girl stood there. Looked up at the coach and shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes and says "I just told them, boys never listen".


  1. too sweet!!! and such a girl!!

  2. ha ha, that is's a life lesson: Boys never listen! ha ha!