Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Mac~

Mac, while I know its been tuff being cooped up in the house for 5 days, and really missing going on your walks, playing in the back yard with Elijah, or choo choo training it down the slide with Tara, diapers are not the thing the grab from the trash can. Just because you can reach in somthing, does not give you permission to grab it. Please. They are gross, they were on Taras butt, and really with that absorbant liner in there, I am sure its can't be good on your stomach. So please know, they are off limits. And while I am on the subject, bathroom toilet paper is off limits too. Just because you can reach the roll, it does not give your permission to run it upstairs to show me what you have....leaving a trail behind you.
As well, dearest Mac, I know you dont like the rain. Frankly I dont either, but alas, you need to go to the bathroom outside when we tell you to go out, even if it is raining. Last night when I tryed to put you out before bed you stood outside like I was the mean mom. Yes I realize it was hailing basketballs just moments prior, but I waited til that what over to put you out. A light drizzle will not kill you. After 5 minutes outside I figure you are done, so I let you in, surely you did not stay huddled up right next to the door while I finish some last minute things, surely after 5 minutes you managed to pee right? Well, one would hope, because I put your in your night cage then ventured upstairs to take a hot shower. Dear Mac, at 11pm kids are sleeping, and I dont want them to be woken up by you barking or howling while I am in the shower. Its not cool to start it when I have shampoo on my head, before I have been able to soak up the heat of the shower, thus making me hurry, and never feel the benefits. I realize that you needed to go to the bathroom because you didn't just 10 minutes prior, but still, you had the opportunity. When I did let you out, just because its hailing again does not mean you dont have to go to the bathroom, you still do, just like you did the previous time. After 10 minutes of you crying at the door tail between your legs, I let you back in, put you back in your cage, then get cozy in my nice warm bed to finally put my feet up after a very long day, and you Mac, my love start barking again...really? again? 1 last time I let you out, aaah, relief. Now that wasn't so bad Mac right? Next time can you please just pee the first time?

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  1. I wish you had some pictures to go along with this! =) Lol

    Thinking about you guys.