Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knock on wood.

Well, if I was superstitous thats what I would do, but since I am not I will shout it from my blog!!!


This is amazing!! Even when I saw our favorite ICU nurse at chruch on Sunday (Erol) he even commented on how long its been since he has got to put a line in my baby...ok, its a little weird what he misses, but still....we know he loves us.
This is a record. Tara has been admitted 19 times in the last 28 months, so you catch my drift...it was actually 19 times in 25 months really. Its hard, it puts a strain on the entire family. We shuffle our other children, we take time off work, we get behind on our laundry, we eat out way to often (however is not totally a bummer as our favorite resatraunt is right next to the hospital Fortune Chinese, YUMM), we lack vitamin D from never leaving the hospital, etc. Its pretty much every 6 weeks that we get admitted if you work it out....not cool. Its hard, we miss our other kids, we miss our bed, and Jim and I miss each other. We were warned when she came home that this would be our new normal, we were not prepared for it to go on this long, they said a year, but later after talking to a nurse she said "we were just being nice, its a forever thing". Well, forever for them is not forever to us, as we have God on our side! Right now Tara has Dilated Cardiomyopothy with Congestive Heart Failure, this in lame mans terms means "things don't work right". She functions so amazingly well when she is not sick. She functions normal in heart failure, its what she knows, she has been dealing with it since she was 8 days old. However when she gets sick, its not fine, things start shutting down (quickly) because of the CHF. Her lungs have a hard time, we have to double and somtimes triple the amount of lasix we give her just to get some pee out, she slows down, thus making her be admitted.
We have spent holidays in the hospital, birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. The sickies have no time line.
So for us to be home since October 23rd, its amazing...no, its God.

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