Friday, January 29, 2010

some pictures for the week.

Well, I decided to upload some more pictures for this week. Most of these Elijah took with my camera, no to shabby!
Aye matey! Well, actually "Aye mater" if your jake!
What do you do when your niece dumps a box of cereal on the floor and the table? Oh thats right, ou go and find your camera and tell her to say cheese....

our project at the house...We took out a slider (it was to the right of where the tv is now, and the tv was cornered above the wood coffee table) now its centered on our covered fireplace that was all brick and looked hideous, a wall where the slider was, and a cabiner will be put all around the tv to "build it in"....and hide all the cords! I am really happy with how it looks, but wish it was going faster! Beggers can't be choosers! My BIL is doing the work for us!

Elijah snagged my camera and took some pretty cute pictures!

Tori thought that after the bath her and Tara should wear matching panties...that lasted about 2 minutes, but I did manage to capture a picture with them in it. I know Toris hair is long!

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