Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays. I am not sure why, its not like I get the weekends off! But I just love everything about them! So I will try to do a weekly post on what I am happy about for this past week. I might have to add one bummer thing too, just because weeks arn't always just fun and games!
so with no further ado...

1. Starbucks...I just love a yummy cup of coffee in the am, and today I treated my self to one!

2. FREE babysitting date night! My father in law stayed here this past week to help Jim with some work (to get us cought up before our cruise), and watched our kids on Wed. so Jim and I could go out. Great dinner (Myabi our fav.), not so great movie (leap year) and fun times with the hubs.

3. My moms family came in from Canada this week. Always fun to see them even if its just for a a few days.

4. Tara started finally feeling better from her yucky thing this weekend. We were in the hospital on Sunday, and just was not right til Tuesday.

5. New books. I love getting new books for the kids, especially Sandra Boyton books. My fav. So here is a video of Tara "reading her new book" with mommy.

I know, the video is not the best, but I am so proud of how well she is talking recentlly. Saying "oh no" and "oop"! Cute little girl!

And now for the bummer....

We got Elijahs progress report. I didn't think we were going to get one, because after all, we are checking his agenda, and signing off on his homework every day. So when I recieved a progress report for 3 classes saying the reason he is falling behind is because of homework assignments not turned in, I flipped. Failing 3 classes because the homework he is doing he is not turning in to the teacher....his reason. "well, she never asks me for it". Your right Elijah, the blanket statement to the class saying "pass up your homework" (yes, I called the teachers this is what they do) is surely not meant for you, they need to call out your name speciafically....Lets just say you can lead a horse to water but you can't force them to drink....I feel like Jim and I should be getting an A for effort, we have done all we can...his homework at least is getting done...if only he would turn it in....I am threatening to walk him to each and every class next week...In my star and moon jammies, fuzzy slippers, and not brushing my teeth yet. Just to be sure that he turns it each class....I told him to save me a spot at the lunch table and make a sandwhich for me. Upon walking him to his class yesterday I hope he knows I mean business! I will go back to Jr. High if thats what it takes!!


  1. Well that sucks about the homework and Elijah. Is very frustrating, especially since you know he's left home with it. Do his teachers sign off on his agenda too? Ultimately it's his problem, and if he fails his classes, it DOES NOT reflect on your parenting ability, but on his commitment to learning. But hey, if it helped, I'd love to see you in school in your jammys!!

  2. Dave's questions are "What does he do with the homework he doesn't hand in?" "Does he have an IPP or an IEP (what ever it is in CA)? Is there anything the teachers can do to help?"

  3. I am not sure what IEP is actually. He has a homework agenda that he has to take to class with him everyday (to each class...he has 6 of them) I sign of on his agenda each night saying I looked at it, and his homework (not required by teachers, infact they proubably dont even know I do it, its just to help him and I know that we checked it) so anyways he paperclips it to his agenda. Same homework comes home with him...he is not allowed to turn in late homework, so the next day doesn't, we have a stack of completed his agenda....aaah. frustrating, but like you said, its not my problem!

  4. An IEP or IPP is an Individual Education Plan. Ryan has one, not only for the ADHD, but also because of learning disabilities. It allows him to access additional resources to help meet his learning potential. Some times it's a modified course load, sometimes it may be something else. In his case, he can take extra time for work, may use a scribe for some assignments and get additional help with reading (often reading at below grade level, but making great progress).

    If the issues is more learning disability or ADHD (rather then just being 13) he may qualify for some assistance. Your school would know more. It may be as simple as having the last teacher of the day review his agenda and make sure he's not forgotten any assignments. An IEP is something that you may want to look into anyway. Even if Elijah doesn't qualify one, I'm sure Tara will when she makes it to school. Good to know what the options are.

    Dave says you should homeschool (I just laughed at him).